Unlucky-Ladder on your Head

Hello there fellow bringers of bad luck, WoodReviewer here, and today is something a little different. Originally, today I was going to review the Medieval Castle place template that ROBLOX has, and I had the blog all written out on how to fix the wood grain and everything. However, I decided to hold off on posting it until the weekend because I wanted to see if my views vary depending on posting on Friday or Saturday. Luckily, I decided to hold of on posting it because ROBLOX has done something terrible that is more urgent than some template places that, realistically, most users probably didn’t know exist. Do you see this?


See it? Yes it is a ladder. But more specifically, it is a Ladder on your Head, a new hat. ROBLOX says that this hat is not for the weak, but lets see if it has any weak wood. Spoiler: This blog post exists because it does. Now this is a first for me; normally I don’t review hats because I don’t actually know how to search the catalog for new hats and because I never have cared for hats. Luckily, this hat was bought to my attention on Twitter so I could review it. So lets review it.

Most of the hat is fine; the main supports, steps, and diagonal supports fine from the front and back. And from the top, more of the same; the piece of wood appears fine.

Ladder Top.png

Normally I don’t show off proper wood grain. But in this case, it is important. See how the top step of the ladder has the wood grain going from side to side? Now lets look at the bottom side of that step.

Ladder Bottom.png

Do you see that? Now the wood grain is going front to back, not side to side, on the same piece of wood. On top of being structurally weak, it is also impossible for a plank to have different wood grain on two sides. True, it could be a composite board,  but then you would see the layers on the side, which this ladder does not have. But it doesn’t stop there. See the two supports under the step, connecting the legs? Yup, more bad wood grain. For those who need it circled, here you go.

Ladder Bottom Circled.png

Those two connecting pieces should have wood grain going from front to back, not side to side. Is it possible that who ever made the mesh flipped the way the textures face on the connecting pieces and the bottom of the step? Possibly. If they did, it should be fixed. People are paying good money for hats, and to give them such a sub-standard product that ROBLOX couldn’t be bothered to even check the hat for quality control is a slap in the face to artists everywhere that inspect every brush stroke, pencil line, and pixel of their work hundreds of times over to ensure that they are as well made as humanly possible. As of posting, ROBLOX has made almost 400,000 R$, which according to the DevEx rate is $1,000, with 24 more hours of the hat being for sale. It is inexcusable that they should make that much money selling a product that is clearly defective and broken.

Even worse, it is setting a bad example for new players on ROBLOX that sub-standard wood grain is acceptable. It is not. Just like the Egg Hunt, ROBLOX’s official assets are what the vast majority of people see and will shape how people view ROBLOX. There are probably a whole several people who are currently putting some effort, since proper wood grain doesn’t take much effort to be honest, into ensuring that their places have proper wood grain, and yet by uploading such poorly made assets ROBLOX is telling those users their efforts don’t matter; wood grain isn’t a priority. But ROBLOX is wrong; proper wood grain is a priority, the number one priority, and the admins should lead by example in the charge to ensure that every place, model, and asset on ROBLOX eventually has proper wood grain.

5 thoughts on “Unlucky-Ladder on your Head

  1. Andrew

    Well, it may actually be okay because it’s unlucky, meaning it could break on your head with the bad wood grain. Just my take on this,


  2. SteadyOn

    whats the purpose of that piece of wood running from one side to the other?
    in the same position as the steps but sideways instead of facing upwards



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