Hello People

Hi. I’m Wood Reviewer. I look at people’s wood on ROBLOX. I don’t enjoy doing what I do, but I do it because it needs to be done. To quote GollyGreg, on my mission, “[I’m] the hero no one needs nor asked for.” This is the highest, and so far only, praise I’ve gotten for my five long years of mostly annoying him about his wood. Luckily, I’m now moving on to annoy all of the developers on ROBLOX.

Follow me at @WoodReviewerRBX, add me as a friend so I can ignore your friend request at WoodReviewer on ROBLOX, and be sure to join my official fan group Wood Reviewer’s Fans and be sure to comment on all my latest post there!

If you have any suggestions on what places I should review then keep them to yourself. I already have plenty of places to review, and my main issue is laziness to actually review them. Hence why it took me 5 years to actually make an actual blog about wood grain.

Have fun, and remember, if your wood is funky looking no one will have any fun playing with it.

14 thoughts on “Hello People

  1. Zachjelly

    Hello! I’m zachjelly I was wondering if you could review some wood for me and my development team. 🙂 You can contact me on discord at zachjelly#0254! Thanks for reading have a great day!



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