Monthly Archives: January 2019

Dragons-Springs Rock

Hello fellow EBR hate club members, WoodReviewer here today for another look at one of the “amazing” showcases made by one of my top 5 favorite punching bags, the Elite Builders of Robloxia. Now unlike most of my EBR reviews that are me clicking on a random EBR member and then clicking on a random place of theirs that is guaranteed to have improper wood grain because EBR, today’s review was inspired by a follower of mine who goes by the handle @Roblox who requested I take a look at Spring’s Rock by AerialsAbove.

I tend to not do many requests for reviews since I actually have a backlog of like 15 reviews that are done and just need to be typed out since my limiting factor in producing blog posts is how to make reviews different and not all sound like the same word salad each time, but seeing as they don’t Tweet much I felt obligated to do a review for them. So, how was the same?

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