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My Army-Clone Factory Tycoon

Hello fellow alts of Swami, WoodReviewer here. Normally when I do reviews I tend to focus on more proper games, either games that the community considers good, such as Trade Hangout, or showcases with a lot of wood to look at, such as Buena Vista. Today is a departure from that as I am looking at Clone Factory Tycoon by Ultraw, because no place is safe from my wrath. Now some of you may be curious if this tycoon is any better than regular tycoons. And to a point it is. Look at the outside of this building by spawn.

Inn Outside.png

Surprisingly, all the wood grain on the outside supports is correct. That’s right; a random building in a front page tycoon has better wood grain than building showcases featured on ROBLOX’s blog.

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Fantasy Wood-Fantasy Island

Hello lovable pig riders, WoodReviewer here. Some people have asked how I chose which games I review and why I haven’t done some yet. Others ask me why I am in some games, such as Retail Tycoon, but haven’t done a review on it yet. The answer to the second is simple: I just haven’t finished playing some games yet. I either need to play them more to get to the end game or to unlock stuff that is hidden behind progression. As for other games, some I just don’t see worth reviewing because is it is too hard to get proper screen shots due to the nature of the game. This can be due to the pace of the game not allowing a slowdown to look at parts carefully or the action obstructing the view. As for what games I do chose to review, most by what are popular right now, either if it is towards the front page, being talked about in the community, and others by what gets featured in a ROBLOX blog blog post. And today I am doing a review based on the latter. Fantasy Island by  Spectrabox is a small showcase of a small island town. When you spawn, you start on a small dock, and while the game begins here, so does the bad wood grain.


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Jumpy-Template Places Part 8

Hello Brighteyes, WoodReviewer here, not John. Today I am taking a look at the Line Runner template place that is, as always, available in Studio and hosted on the Templates account. Line runner is a tad bit different from the other games I have taken a look at so far. First, instead of having a prebuilt map it has premade assets that generate a map, meaning a fairly large map is made from only a few pieces. Second it is playable with only one player, meaning it was easier than normal the make sure fixing the bad wood grain. However, as the second point indicates, it did have bad wood grain.

Spikes Bad.png

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Smelly-Wizard Hut

Hello enjoyers of fine wood, WoodReviewer here. If you have noticed, I have been a little behind on reviews the past week or so. Don’t worry; make up reviews are on the way with hopefully five reviews coming out this week, two on wooden planks, one on a look at the released version of Meadows Ranch, and two others, this one included. So, what will this one be? I’m not sute, so lets fire up the old EBR Wheel of WoodShame. For those unfamiliar with the EBR Wheel of WoodShame, EBR stands for the Elite Builders of ROBLOX, supposedly a group of the best builders on ROBLOX. Naturally, since they are the best, most elite builders on ROBLOX all their places should be built to the highest standards and have the most incredible wood grain.


Today’s unlucky victim is Urbanize, who was featured in my earlier look at Wyvern Inn. Today I am going to take a look at their other showcase Wizard Hut, which got them into EBR, and should represent EBR’s strict standards of building quality control. When you first enter the place, you spawn on a small drawbridge next to a gate, protecting the hut. From there, you can really see EBR’s standards for building.

Opening Gate.png

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Poor Housing-Buena Vista

Hello mouse people of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is once again time to pay a visit to our good friend Asimo3089 and his newest showcase Buena Vista. Of course, after he fixed up The Wind, I expect him to keep all the lessons he learned making that and apply them to all his new showcases, Buena Vista included.

Unfortunately, my expectations were set too high.


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Containers-Template Places Part 7

Hello shipping container enthusiasts, WoodReviewer here, today I am back to take another look at some of the template places that ROBLOX has decided to give to new users to help them learn how to build and tell ROBLOX why the places are fundamentally broken. Well, maybe not fundamentally broken, but the wood grain is bad, so they are basically unplayable to me. Anyway, today I am taking a look at the Team/Free for All Deathmatch Arena place. Honestly, there is not much bad wood grain here, only two assets actually have improper wood grain. So lets start off with the most repeated offender.


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Giant Cats-Voltron Part 2

Hello there defenders of the universe, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking my second look at Voltron: Legendary Defender by Quenty and Maelstronomer. For those who are unaware, Voltron: Legendary Defender is a sponsored place for the new Voltron cartoon that airs tonight at 9:00 PM on Netflix. Or sooner. Or later. Really anytime you want since that is how Netflix works. In this review, I will not be focusing on the crates, like I did in the first part of my review. This review is solely focused on non-crate related wood grain issues. Luckily, there were plenty of them.

Boay Bottom.png

This is one minor problem. Do you see the brown piece of wood on the bottom of the boat? The bottom texture of the planks is facing the right way, but the texture on the left side is incorrect. It should go up and down, not front to back, like this.

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Crates!-Voltron Part 1

Hello TV enthusiasts who no longer want to pay for cable, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at Voltron: Legendary Defender, a sponsored game made by Quenty and Maelstronomer. Well, part of the game atleast. You see, the game itself is fairly long and my review for it, which will be released early tomorrow, was too long, and this blog is what I cut out. Now, what exactly was so long that I had to make a second blog just to talk about it? This.


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Sooner Rather than Later

Hello procrastinators, WoodReviewer here, and today I have a different type of blog post for you. First off, this is not a review of any place or model. Secondly, the main purpose of this blog is not how to make games with proper wood grain, but when to make add proper wood grain.

When? Yes, when. You see, in many games with bad wood grain that claim to be in the alpha/beta stages of development say “we’re in alpha/beta, the wood grain will be fixed eventually.” That is true; wood grain can be fixed when a game is ready to be released, but it shouldn’t be. If you don’t care for my opinion then you can close this page and fix wood grain however you want, but if you want some building tips on how to fix wood grain quickly without slowing down how long it takes to build maps, stick around for a while.

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Car Chase-Template Places Part 6

Hello there free modelers who can’t even bother to use free models, WoodReviewer here, today I am continuing my journey through ROBLOX’s template places by taking a look at the Racing template place. This is kind of a special place for me. You see, before WoodReviewer started I wanted to help improve ROBLOX by fixing up the old racing template place. However I never got around to it and someone else fixed it up. Or they remade it completely since this looks nothing like the old one. Anyway, here I am reviewing the result of an old project I wanted to under take.


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