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WoodReviewer- 5 Years Later


March 31st, 2009 is a date not many people will remember, but it is a date which set forth a series of events that would entirely shape my life for the last 5 years. Was it some major geopolitical event? Family event? Dark personal tragedy? No, it was none of the above. You see, March 31st, 2009 was the day that Roblox officially announced they were adding wood to the game. But like most events that will be referenced in this post, the date wasn’t the true first time I saw wood grain on Roblox, as I was active on Roblox’s test servers then and likely saw it a week or so early.

For those of you who weren’t around then, Roblox released this blog post detailing the Worlds of Wood contest to celebrate the launch of the new material. Of course, being an old Roblox contest everyone tried to game the system and instead of making a new game from scratch, just changed everything in their pre-made games to wood and entered the contest. I, however, had a vision, to bring back an almost mythical place that I had only heard rumors of, a place where gladiators battled it out for supremacy, whose remnants have been ravaged by time to the point where there is nothing but faint outlines left in the ground to mark that they even existed, so I set out to create it.

Naturally, it being 2009 on Roblox, I failed horribly, but wood grain was my first time on Roblox I ever clearly saw something in my mind that I wanted to make, and every few years I still go back and try to make that vision, getting closer and closer each attempt.

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays joyous celebrators, WoodReviewer here with the 25th and final day of my 2020 Advent Calendar. Yes, today is the final day of this year’s advent calendar, the one day each year that I put serious effort into the calendar, and whose gift the entire year’s calendar is leading towards. So, what is the great final gift in this year’s calendar? A random household item that no one has? Something to do with that random roofing tile I gave? Or is it some secret item that suddenly combines all the items together in a way that makes sense?

If you guessed any of the above you are wrong, as it is a staple of my advent calendars that has been missing all year so far:

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 24

Hello there curious calendar openers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 24 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. Today is my favorite day of my calendar every year because it is the second to last day of my calendar, meaning I don’t have to hold anything back that I might be saving with these posts because day 25 of always completely different. Of course with that being said I haven’t actually used anything I’ve been saving since this post has gone off the rails so far, so I guess that doesn’t really matter. So, what is the subject of this post?

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 23

Hello there fellow fire starters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 23 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. This year’s calendar is quickly coming to a close, but I hope atleast some of you find something in this, and the previous calendars, useful in your builds. And if not, then atleast I have a large body of work I can point to when people tell me to do better myself when I tell them they have bad wood grain in a game.

Introductory tangent aside, what is in today’s gift?

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 22

Hello there kids sneaking around the house looking for their presents, WoodReviewer here to tell you to start by checking your closets. But not the main ones everyone uses, but the random ones that no one ever uses and you probably forgot even exits. Also I am here with day 22 of my 2020 Advent Calendar, which feels odd since I am somewhat enjoying making this years calendar, rather than hating it by the second week. Anyway, what is today’s gift that inspired such joy while I was making it?

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 21

Hello there fellow night owls of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with another night time release of my 2020 Advent Calendar. I know some of you are curious as to why I shifted from mid-morning releases of my gifts to late-afternoon releases, and so am I. Honestly, no idea why I made the change, and I will fix it for the last few days, but the fact I even started doing this is confusing. Anyway enough questions about when the gift is released, but how about what the gifts is. So, what is it?

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 20

Hello numberphiles of Roblox, and welcome to the 20th gift of my 2020 Advent Calendar. I know there has to be a better way to connect the fact it is 12/20/2020 into today’s post, but I couldn’t make it work so I am not forcing it. What I am forcing is the fact you now have to look at today’s gift, so without further ado, lets open today’s gift.

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 19

Hello there interested gift receivers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here again with day 19 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. Normally when I get to day 19 of my calendars I am absolutely looking forward to the end of my calendars since I am almost completely out of ideas for what I can give as a gift, but this year is the opposite: I actually need to cut out some gifts since I have too many. I mean, I have like 10 gift ideas alone involving meshes that I will think I will have to skip entirely and save them for next year, which is odd since I was hoping to have a bunch of mesh related gifts since the outside of my calendar is a giant mesh, but oh well, I already have a jump start on next year. But that is for next year, what about this year? What is in today’s gift?

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WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 18

Hello there surprisingly sudden fish lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and for some reason my entire timeline went from posting nothing but their love to the new materials update, to nothing but carp. And I’m not sure why. Anyway, since I was getting ready to make today’s post anyway I decided to throw away my previous gift for today and instead you something carp related, because relevance to current trends. Anyway, what is today’s gift that could be relevant to carp?

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