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CTF-Template Places Part 5

Hello there fellow introverts who would rather look at wood than spend time with family, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time for another blog where I look at ROBLOX’s template places and fix the bad wood grain in them. Now, I know last Friday I did a few joke reviews of some places without bad wood grain, and originally that series of blogs was going to be finished by a review of the Capture the Flag template place.  You see, when I did my first look at it, the place seemed just fine; the only wood grain in the place was on the decking for the bridge, and that wood seemed just fine.


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Running-Template Places Part 4

Hey,WoodReviewer back again. Apparently some of you wanted some more words and more pictures in a review. I REALLY don’t want to upset my loyal followers, so I’m back for my third review of the day, this time Infinite Runner will be looked at. It is on ROBLOX’s game template account Templates and is available to everyone in ROBLOX studio. In studio, the game looks like this.

Infinite Runner.png

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Bang Bang-Template Places Part 3

Hello there whiners, WoodReviewer here, apparently some people felt my Obby Template Review was a bit cheap since it was only one picture and a few lines of text. I can understand that, and I don’t want you to think that I’m being lazy, so I am now doing a second review today on the Shooter Template Place to ensure that you have plenty of reviews to last you for the weekend. All that aside, lets start to take a look at the shooter place.


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Mine-The Wind

Hey there Jurors of Wood Grain Justice, WoodReviewer here, and a bit of an unusual review today. I am taking a look at The Wind by Asimo3089. This has been on my list to review for a while now, but I felt like waiting for a good time to review it because it has a lot of bad wood grain. Maybe not a lot. A bunch. A very large bunch. A massive amount. My point is, there was a metric ton of bad wood grain. Look at the dock you spawn on, for example.


The main supports have wood grain that should go vertical not horizontal, and the walkway should have grain going left to right, not back to front. This is what it should look like.

Player Fixed.png

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Hats!-Trade Hangout

Hello fine conveyor of hats, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at the most wretched hive of scammers and thieves… I mean perfectly legitimate place for business for the finest hat traders, Trade Hangout by Merely and Seranok. The place is a classic now, but still fairly small since a majority of the places purpose is to look at how large your number is compared to other peoples. Seeing as my number was 0, I was unable to to participate in the number looking, so I did what I do best: I went around looking at wood.


This was the first piece of bad wood grain I saw, a simple umbrella pole next to a beach that extended to the end of the world. Literally, the map is only like 200 studs by 200 studs. Still, the umbrella pole should be correct and have wood grain going vertical rather than the current horizontal position. A stiff breeze and the umbrella will go right into the water.  As for the base, it seems unneeded; the umbrella pole should be able to directly go into the sand without needing a large base to hold it up.

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Back Home-Temple of Memories

Ahoy there fellow yoga practitioners, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at a different type of game. Most games I review are either show case games where you look around, or game games where you do stuff. Today I am taking a look at Temple of Memories by Crykee, a game where the point of the game is to do nothing to meditate. The game focuses on the yoga capital of the world, Indiana, and features the pagodas that make Indianapolis a famous travel destination from around the world. Although admittedly the mountains and oceans seem a little out of place for Indiana, every artist deserves some leeway in how they interpret an area.

Large Pagoda.png

Since the pagodas are the center piece of the map, lets start by taking a look at them.

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Wall Haven-Miner’s Haven

Hello there fellow heroes of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. As many of you know, I try to prioritize the biggest and the best places for my reviews, either in terms of popularity of what is easy to do. For both of those reasons, today I am taking a look at Miner’s Haven by berezaa. Not only is it constantly one of the most popular games on ROBLOX, but looking at all the wood in it was fairly easy. It also had another thing going for it: Money. I could make all the money that I could count to, and even several digits past that that I can’t count to. And I love money, it is great. So when I started, I asked this chap for some advice on how to get it.

Masked Man.png

He told me the secret to get money. And by secret, I mean several Twitter codes to skip the early game grind. But I still earned my money; typing in the Twitter codes took real work. In exchange, I showed him examples of bad wood grain, like that tree. Look at the tree. Look at it; it is a mess. The trunk of the tree has horizontal wood grain, while the upper branches has vertical wood grain. Both parts should have wood grain that flows the same direction.

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Hello there new builders who want a good starting point, WoodReviewer here, and today I am going to be starting my look at ROBLOX’s default places, which are now called game templates. Not sure where they are located? Just open studio and under the “New Projects” tab are a bunch of places split between Basic, Theme, and Gameplay. Today I am taking a look at the Medieval place template under Theme.


However, if you don’t want to start studio, here is a link to the game on the Templates account that ROBLOX uses to store them. Also, if you are an admin reading this want want to fix the places before I can review all of them, don’t worry, I have a copy of each saved to my hard drive to review.

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Unlucky-Ladder on your Head

Hello there fellow bringers of bad luck, WoodReviewer here, and today is something a little different. Originally, today I was going to review the Medieval Castle place template that ROBLOX has, and I had the blog all written out on how to fix the wood grain and everything. However, I decided to hold off on posting it until the weekend because I wanted to see if my views vary depending on posting on Friday or Saturday. Luckily, I decided to hold of on posting it because ROBLOX has done something terrible that is more urgent than some template places that, realistically, most users probably didn’t know exist. Do you see this?


See it? Yes it is a ladder. But more specifically, it is a Ladder on your Head, a new hat. ROBLOX says that this hat is not for the weak, but lets see if it has any weak wood. Spoiler: This blog post exists because it does. Now this is a first for me; normally I don’t review hats because I don’t actually know how to search the catalog for new hats and because I never have cared for hats. Luckily, this hat was bought to my attention on Twitter so I could review it. So lets review it.

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