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With Fiends-Farming Among Friends

Hey there farmers, WoodReviewer here, today I will be taking a look at Farming Among Friends by the TheNickmaster21. Now, as the name of the game implies, this game is suppose to be played with friends. However, when I asked my friends to test it with me, they all said they were waiting for their restraining order to finish processing first. Hopefully by the time I get to a review for a co-op game the restraining order will be done so they can play with me.

Moving on to the actual game, this was my farm when I made the review.

Main Farm

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General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2

Hello there fellow ROBLOXians, WoodReviewer here, and today is part 2 of my look at endorsed models. For those who did not read the first part, here it is. Today’s part will focus on general, simple issues with wood grain. Everything seen here was fixed in under half a minute, all with Stravant’s material flip plugin. Now, just as a refresher for those who are new, endorsed models are a shadow feature that everyone on ROBLOX uses, but most don’t know about. Whenever you open your tool box in Studio, they are the models that are always in the way of what you actually want to use, and you can tell they are endorsed because they have an orange badge on them. To get a model endorsed, you submit it on the dev forum and then stuff happens and it is either endorsed or not. Proper wood grain is not checked when a model is endorsed.

First, let’s start with our old friend Quenty. More specifically his crate. You may remember this crate from my review of Whatever Floats Your Boat. In-game, he fixed it, but he seems to have forgotten to upload the fixed version to free models so everyone else can have it.


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UristMcSparks-Endorsed Models Part 1

Hello there fellow kids and adults, WoodReviewer here, and today I am starting part one of what is planned to be a four part series focusing on wood grain on some of ROBLOX’s endorsed models. For those of you wondering what endorsed models are, good question. ROBLOX does a bad job of explaining it, but in studio when you open the tool box it defaults to the free model search area called models, and without searching anything a bunch of models with an orange badge appear. These are endorsed models, and they are submitted to ROBLOX via the dev forum where they go through a rigorous process of inspection that does not include looking at wood grain. Until now.

Now, this is not a normal review. Normally I just look at wood and then tell the place creator they suck. I am still going to do that. Only now, I am going to fix the models and have uploaded the fixed versions for the creator to update the models if they choose to. It is worth mentioning, all the 19 models I fixed took about an hour and 45 minutes to fix mostly with Stravant’s Material Flip plugin, although some stuff with CSG I had to use different tricks on (will explain later), and while I could have used a wood grain fix plugin I chose not to because of reasons that will be explained later.

Enough with the future posts, onto this one. Today I will be focusing on four endorsed models made by the ROBLOX admin UristMcSparks. They are a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dining room building set. Not an actual set of the set feature that ROBLOX tries to ignore, but a group of models. Here is the dining room set.


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WHOOO!!!-Stratosphere Settlement

Whoa, hey guys, welcome to I am WoodReviewer. If you have been following my Twitter this week, you should be aware that I am currently taking a look at bad wood grain in some of ROBLOX’s endorsed models. For those of you who aren’t ware of what endorsed models are, they are the models you never use that always pop up when you initially open your tool box and go to “My Models.” That was suppose to go up now, but I am doing a bit more than just reviewing them and getting the blog out is taking more time than expected, so that will come out on Friday. Instead, I did what I always do when I need a last-minute review: Open up Epic Builders of ROBLOXia’s member list, click on a name, and look at one of their places. In this case, WhoBloxedWho was who I chose, and the only finished place on his profile was the EBR Build Server 3, Stratosphere Settlement. This is interesting, because instead of blaming one builder, can can blame the entire EBR member base for bad wood grain. Yay.

I will admit, it feels a bit cheap to go after showcases some times. Often, they were made before the current wood grain texture was added and some wood grain is off because of that. Other times it is because the creators moved on to other projects. Sometimes because it is just a minor detail. However, when I spawn into a place and the very first brick in front of me is wood and has bad wood grain, no bad feelings.


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Hayday-Port Gloom

Arrg, ahoy there swashbucklers, scallywags, and whatever is a non-degrading pirate word for woman and or those who don’t identify as either in case the previous two words don’t cover you, Captain WoodReviewer speaking, and on today’s adventure I will be taking you on a journey through one of ROBLOX’s true classics, Galleons by Wingman8. While there may not be much land, the ships provide plenty of wood to look at. So grab your swords, arm your muskets, and laugh and people saying poop deck, and lets begin this adventure!

…That is what I’d say if I were to review Galleons. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to play Galleons this week because I have not been binge playing any recent Wii U games this week. Totally not that. Instead, I decided to take a look at Port Gloom by Asimo3089. It has a galleon, so it is close enough, right?

Boat Wheel.png

Unfortunately, the support holding up the ship’s wheel had bad wood grain and soon snapped. The boat drifted for several hours before she ran aground and caught fire for some reason.

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Spoiled Eggs-Egg Hunt 2016

Hello there humans and our future robot overlords, WoodReviewer here, and today it is time for a quick look at the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2016. Now this is combination of rushed and incomplete. Originally, I was going to plan on doing Retail Tycoon, but I am still grinding through it. My back up plan was Port Gloom, which I heavily hinted at so that Asimo3089 could fix, but I guess he enjoys me yelling at him. However, then the Egg Hunt beta opened up, so I took a look at the little that is available to see with a proper review post-release.

Lets start just past the first teleporter. There was a wooden fence. Now I know Quenty wasn’t listed in the credits, but if I were to take a guess I’d say he had some input.


The horizontal boards are fine. Perfect you could say. But the posts are bad. Very bad. Even worse when you consider there is a giant cliff behind the fence.

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Hello audience, WoodReviewer here, today I will be taking a look at ROBLOX Point by StarMarine614 and friends. Unfortunately, most of the rides in the park did not work. While I am going to claim it was because the park was shut down due to poor wood grain, it seems like it was never updated after the recent materials properties changes. In any case, I do showcases  so reviewing a game that does nothing is normal. Bit of a shame, really. Living near Kings Island has made me appreciate coasters, and given the recent RCT:W trailers the bar could not be set lower for a ROBLOX coaster to do better.

When I first entered the park, I did not have to go far to find bad wood grain. As in it was literally at the opening steps for the park.


Well, but it is literally wood laying on the ground to form stairs. Not much structural strength is required. But what about the fencing that keeps guests from getting into areas where they could get injured?

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Hi people, WoodReviewer here, today I will be looking at Simplicity by Matthew_James, which was recently features on the ROBLOX blog. The blog praised it for its attention to small details, such as this chair.

Beach Chair.png

Most people will look at this chair and think “Wow, that is a nice chair.” But what I see is a terrible chair. The back and arm supports both have improper wood grain. In addition the front leg and back leg both have bad wood grain. But maybe it was just a small oversight, and it ends there. It is not like there is an entire bridge made out of poor wood grain that is preventing people from falling into the ocean or anything.

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Rebate Season-Canyon Heights

Hello there fellow tax enthusiests, WoodReviewer here, and today I continue my previous lesson on taxes with another important lesson: If you get audited and something turns up, make sure your taxes are extra good the next year. So lets say you forget to claim several thousand dollars on your income, get audited, and and the IRS sees you screwed up. The next year correctly do your taxes, because the chances of a second audit happening after something turns up are fairly high. Or in my case, if I audit one of your places after you claim there is nothing wrong and then PM me saying you fixed it, guess what: Surprise audit of a different place. So that is why today I am taking a look at Canyon Heights, again by Quenty, because he did this to himself.

Now, the first thing I noticed in-game isn’t bad wood grain, but inconsistent wood grain. For tree bark, I am OK with either vertical or horizontal wood grain because tree bark is not wood grain, so wood is acting as a texture not a wood block.


That being said, I do have a problem when half the tree had wood grain one way, half the other. Either the tree had bark that is vertical or horizontal, not both. But enough with the minor nitpicking.

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