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Texture Clipping-Endorsed Models Part 9

Hello there boating fans of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am diving back into the world of endorsed models on ROBLOX by taking a look at one model that has annoyed me greatly for a while now: this Cutter by Quenty. This may seem familiar to some people as it was features in my blog post on review of the island adventure template place. In that review, I only focus on the insanely poor wood grain of the boat. Thankfully I fixed it and it now looks amazing.


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Seating-Endorsed Models Part 7

Hello experienced model makers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am once again taking a look at the vast collection of models that ROBLOX promotes to new users as an example of what proper building on ROBLOX looks like and to tell the people who made said models how bad they are and how their models suck. The theme for the models today is seating, as in take a seat and look at how bad the wood grain is on these chairs and benches.

Deck bad 1.png

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Bookshelves and Crates-Endorsed Models Part 6

Hello tycoon makers of ROBLOX, Supreme Wood Grain Ninja Master Model Overlord WoodReviewer, today it is the time for the glorious return of my look at endorsed models on ROBLOX. For those unaware what endorsed models are, endorsed models are models that ROBLOX chooses for high quality and polish that they feature by default in the toolbox menu in ROBLOX studio. As of earlier this year, the rules were also updated so that all endorsed models should have a primary part set, shouldn’t fall apart when unanchored, and should have proper wood grain. However, I am only concerned with wood grain, so if someone wants to make UnanchoredModelReviewer or PrimaryPartSetInModelsReviewer, be my guest. Today I am taking a look at several models revolving around crates and bookshelves. First up, Quenty’s crate that is in every third game on ROBLOX.


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EndorsedModels Endorsed Models-Endorsed Models Part 5

Hello Dave, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking my last look at endorsed models, for now. You see, on the Dev Forum a new thread was made about the model maker program and I was hoping that people would submit models that I could inspect, however no one has submitted any models yet. So I can’t review them. Anyway, onto the last of the old endorsed models, and today we take a look at EndorsedModel’s endorsed models. But only two. However, these are the largest and most complex models, and also have the most improper wood grain. One small correction, however. Originally, this was suppose to look at DataBrain’s Wood Grain Fixer plugin, but that has been delayed and will be its own blog post, probably later this week. I will still feature a model from here in that post, but I have enough content to split that off into its own post. Now, enough wood cleaning, back to wood reviewing.


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EndorsedModel-Endorsed Models Part 4

Hello ladies, gentleman, and our future robot overlords, WoodReviewer here, and today I will be continuing my look through  endorsed models, today focusing on the models by EndorsedModel. Or most of them atleast. You see, EndorsedModel has 7 endorsed models I will be taking a look at, 5 today, 2 next time. The 5 today are simple, but the ones next time are more complex and will include a look at DataBrain’s Wood Grain Fix plug in and will show why it is not always correct.

“WoodReviewer” you may be asking, “Who are you and what are endorsed models.” You see, Jimmy, that is why you start at part 1 and work your way to part 4, so you know what is going on. No go on, read the first 3 and a half parts, this site is paid for until atleast mid 2017, so there should be plenty of time.

Back Jimmy? Good. Now let’s start telling EndorsedModel how much he sucks at wood.


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CSG Issues-Endorsed Models Part 3

Hello there peasants, Future Overload WoodReviewer here and I have some great news: ROBLOX has decided to restart their effort to get people to submit more endorsed models on the Dev forum. For those who don’t know what endorsed models are, read one of the previous posts because this intro has a new joke. Now, I don’t know if they decided to relaunch this because of me, but I am more than willing to take credit for it for the sake of man kind. More importantly, I was made Supreme Wood Grain Model Reviewer by UristMcSparks.

You dun screwed up.png

Now, no specific title was given then, nor if I actually had any power, but no one has told me otherwise so far so I’m going assume that is what they meant.

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CSG Basics-Endorsed Models Part 2.5

Hello there pranksters who were expecting a April Fool’s joke rather than an actual blog, WoodReviewer here, and thankfully the way everyone uses wood grain in-game is enough of a joke that I don’t have to make any. Originally, today was going to be a look at endorsed models that feature feature CSG modeling. However, after writing it up I realized too many people were unaware of what terms I were using might be, so I explained the basics of CSG and the blog go too long, so now I’m here with a special post focusing on the basics of CSG  so that people can understand the next blog. Now as a disclaimer, I don’t mess with CSG much. It crashes. A lot. And my time is too valuable to constantly clear out the hundreds of crash reports that get made, and I mean hundreds, so I hired a trained monkey to make all my CSG models. Now, I’m not sure what he makes since he sort of just mashes the keyboard, but I have faith he’ll eventually make something cool. Right now he just makes weird shapes and things that kind of look like bananas.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have a trained monkey for sale. It’s a win-win.

Monkey CSG

My monkey’s latest work.


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General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2

Hello there fellow ROBLOXians, WoodReviewer here, and today is part 2 of my look at endorsed models. For those who did not read the first part, here it is. Today’s part will focus on general, simple issues with wood grain. Everything seen here was fixed in under half a minute, all with Stravant’s material flip plugin. Now, just as a refresher for those who are new, endorsed models are a shadow feature that everyone on ROBLOX uses, but most don’t know about. Whenever you open your tool box in Studio, they are the models that are always in the way of what you actually want to use, and you can tell they are endorsed because they have an orange badge on them. To get a model endorsed, you submit it on the dev forum and then stuff happens and it is either endorsed or not. Proper wood grain is not checked when a model is endorsed.

First, let’s start with our old friend Quenty. More specifically his crate. You may remember this crate from my review of Whatever Floats Your Boat. In-game, he fixed it, but he seems to have forgotten to upload the fixed version to free models so everyone else can have it.


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UristMcSparks-Endorsed Models Part 1

Hello there fellow kids and adults, WoodReviewer here, and today I am starting part one of what is planned to be a four part series focusing on wood grain on some of ROBLOX’s endorsed models. For those of you wondering what endorsed models are, good question. ROBLOX does a bad job of explaining it, but in studio when you open the tool box it defaults to the free model search area called models, and without searching anything a bunch of models with an orange badge appear. These are endorsed models, and they are submitted to ROBLOX via the dev forum where they go through a rigorous process of inspection that does not include looking at wood grain. Until now.

Now, this is not a normal review. Normally I just look at wood and then tell the place creator they suck. I am still going to do that. Only now, I am going to fix the models and have uploaded the fixed versions for the creator to update the models if they choose to. It is worth mentioning, all the 19 models I fixed took about an hour and 45 minutes to fix mostly with Stravant’s Material Flip plugin, although some stuff with CSG I had to use different tricks on (will explain later), and while I could have used a wood grain fix plugin I chose not to because of reasons that will be explained later.

Enough with the future posts, onto this one. Today I will be focusing on four endorsed models made by the ROBLOX admin UristMcSparks. They are a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dining room building set. Not an actual set of the set feature that ROBLOX tries to ignore, but a group of models. Here is the dining room set.


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