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Keep Digging-Treasure Hunt Simulator

Hello Oak Island truthers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at Treasure Hunt Simulator, by HenryDev. This is the third simulator-based review I’ve done in the last couple of weeks, and honestly I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with these games. However why these games exist is not a philosophical question for me to answer, I am just here to answer the objective question of is the wood grain good or not. So, is the wood grain here good?


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Bad Grain-Cash Grab Simulator

Hello money depleted but Bloxy seat owners of Roblox, WoodReviewer here. Out of money due to spending all of your Robux on a Bloxy seat that will be seen for about half a second during a 2 hour long live stream? Well it is no longer any issue on Roblox as you can now make cash grab games and make the front page the same day. If you don’t believe me, just look at Cash Grab Simulator by Tuning Studios. It is the latest of the recent stream of cash grab games like Jailbreak and Vehicle Simulator that have replace the true classic games of Roblox, such as Escape the Prison Obby for VIP and Drive Down a 100,000,000 Stud Toilet for VIP. As much as those classics will truly be missed, we are in a new era of Roblox and these cash grab simulators have taken hold of the entire front page. So, how is this cash grab simulator?


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Pile-2017 Holiday Event Place: Part 4

Hello fellow GollyGreg haters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for what should be part 4, and the final part, of my incredibly long review of Mountaineers by GollyGreg, because who else could cause me to create a review with 40+ images and more than 4,500 words than good old Greg. If for some reason you want to see the 3,000+ words worth of reviews from the previous reviews, feel free to check out parts part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this needlessly long review, if for some reason you haven’t done so already. But those reviews are in the past, it is now time for part 3 of this mega review. With all the bad wood grain from the other reviews, I can’t possibly have that much new and unique examples of bad wood grain to show off, right?

Well, maybe. But if the improper wood grain at the entrance to Scrooge’s mansion is anything to go by, there is still plenty more to show before this review ends.


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