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Z Fighting-RBXDev Offices Part 5

Hello lovers of smooth and correct textures, WoodReviewer here. Today is the last day of my look at texture clipping on ROBLOX. Depressing, no? I’m sure some of you are upset that complaining about an actual issue is going away, but based on what people have been showing off on Twitter I am needed again to complain to people about all the improper wood grain that exists. But the wood reviewing starts again tomorrow; today it is time to take a look at some examples of texture clipping inside of the RBXDev office buildings. First off is an example of someone using proper building techniques to get rid of texture clipping.

Ladder Good.png

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Terrain and Roads-Texture Clipping Part 3

Hello there terrain builders of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to be going over several ways to get rid of texture clipping when building terrain and roads, mainly with regards to C-Framed, non-brick terrain. So basically where the terrain is made of rotated bricks. So this is hard to explain, so here is a pond that I am using to demonstrate different techniques on.

Lake Bricks.png

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Techniques-Texture Clipping Part 2

Hello there flickering textures of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time to continue our journey into texture clipping by showing off some basic techniques for how to fight texture clipping. Today I am only covering basic issues, involving bricks that meet at 90 degree angles.

“But WoodReviewer, no self-respecting dev would have texture clipping that is so easy to fix.”

Just so we’re clear, you do know there I am current 90+ blog posts in on telling people how to rotate wooden bricks correctly, right?

Cross Basic.png

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The Basics-Texture Clipping Part 1

Hello aspiring brick layers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today marks a special week as I dive into a week of posts not relating to wood grain. However, it is maintaining the overall theme of this blog of complaining about minor things that annoy me and not most other people. Today I am complaining about texture clipping, also known as Z-Fighting, alpha fighting, and about half a dozen different names based on who you ask and how technically they are. Personally, I call it texture clipping. Now that I have settled on what I am calling texture clipping, it is time to say what it is.

What is Texture Clipping

Well, lets say you have two bricks, one white and one black. You inset them next to each other and you can see a distinct line where one ends and another begins.

Black Aand white.png

Now lets say you move one brick over a stud they are intersecting each other like this.

Black and white clipping.png

Do you see how when they overlap there is not one they is on top of the other, but rather they mix together? They is texture clipping.

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Texture Clipping-Endorsed Models Part 9

Hello there boating fans of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am diving back into the world of endorsed models on ROBLOX by taking a look at one model that has annoyed me greatly for a while now: this Cutter by Quenty. This may seem familiar to some people as it was features in my blog post on review of the island adventure template place. In that review, I only focus on the insanely poor wood grain of the boat. Thankfully I fixed it and it now looks amazing.


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Texture Clipping-RBXDev Offices Part 4

Hello there flickering devs of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, it is time once again to take a look at some RBXDev offices. Of course, this week is texture clipping week, so instead of the usual focus on wood grain, today it is time to look at texture clipping. Now this is not a normal review where I look at some offices, but rather a general one where I look at most and point out issues that I see with some offices and discuss issues with them, or show off how some devs decided to fix issues with texture clipping. Now, for this I am going to be looking at the place in studio, because I have a friend in the RBXDev group that gave me a copy of it.

First off is something that I forgot about. You see, to have texture clipping bricks need to have a texture that can clip. One thing that I forgot is that currently ROBLOX has 2 textures, neon and smooth plastic, that lack normal textures and as a result do no clip as long as the bricks that intersect are the same color. This is used in the main lobby for the floor of the RBX Dev offices. However, if the colors are changed, clipping returns.

Smooth Plastic.png

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