More Horses-Horse Valley

Hello lovers of equestrian arts, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at Meadows Ranch Horse Valley by SirMing, because apparently there is a large enough demand for horse simulators that there is more than one. They do differ in one respect though; Horse Valley focuses more on competing against other horses in races and steeplechase events, while Meadows Ranch focuses on riding horses around different environments. As a result, Horse Valley only has one map to explore as opposed to Meadows Ranch’s many maps.


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More Offices-RBXDev Office Building Part 2

Hello there aspiring developers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Even feel daunted trying to get into the Dev Forums? Want to know a secret to get a leg up in trying to make better games? Just use proper wood grain. Most devs don’t know how to do it, or just ignore it completely, and as a result they have wood grain. Want proof? Here are more offices from Dev Forum members, most with bad wood grain. The first office today was made by YasuYoshida.

Anime 1.png

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How To Fix Wooden Planks

Hello there ROBLOX admins, WoodReviewer here, today I have a special post on not what people can do to improve wood grain on ROBLOX, but what ROBLOX could do to improve wood grain. Now, just as a disclaimer I do not know exactly how ROBLOX works with textures, so all my suggestions may not be 100% practical, but the general idea can help improve wood grain.

My first suggestion: Fix the size of wooden planks. Well, what does this mean? Remember my wooden planks and why they suck, I mention how they can have this thin sliver that can occur.

More slivers

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Hello fellow adventurers, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at the temple of RoboWling by the RoboWling team, including Luckymaxer, opplo and Simoon68. The game is an unusual adventure game where you start off in a mysterious land of the RoboWling people, a mysterious group who live in a cave and have an great migration to their grand temple.


The torch had no wood grain to inspect

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Developers!-RBXDev Office Builder Part 1

Hello assorted developers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am reviewing all of you!. And by all, I mean everyone on the ROBLOX Dev forum. And to further narrow my definition of everyone, those who have submitted an office to the group office project. And who have had their rooms added. And whose rooms I actually look at in this post and review, since this would be a very long post if I did all the rooms today. Plus why do one post when I can lengthen this out over several reviews to fill spots when I need a review. So with the introduction overs, lets look at the building.


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