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Trees-Lumber Tycoon

Hello wood cutters of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time to review another classic game on ROBLOX, Lumber Tycoon by Defaultio. As its name indicates, Lumber Tycoon revolves mostly around cutting down trees. As a result, there is plenty of wood grain to review as many of the structures in it are made out of wood. Now, some of you may be confused as why I am reviewing such and old game that is basically put on life support to keep it running. In my eye, any game that that is still earning money somehow is fair game to review, and seeing as how Lumber Tycoon still has a VIP shirt for sale, I consider it fair game.


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WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar

Do you enjoy gifts in the holiday season?  How about useless, virtual tat that you will most likely never actually use but still want because it makes you feel special on the inside? Or do you just want random examples of wood grain from yours truly?  If you said yes to any above, I have some good news. Today I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the official WoodReviewer 2016 Advent Calender.

Blog Image 1.png

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Throwback Thursday-Turkey Hunt 2010

Ho ho ho, Merry Thanksgiving. WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at a classic Thanksgiving Day game since, well, the last few years there haven’t been any real Thanksgiving Day games. Anyway, today I am looking at Turkey Hunt 2010: The Game by  Kuunan, NanuukoftheNorth, eumesmo92, and most importantly GollyGreg. Now some of you may wonder why I am complaining about a six year old game have improper wood grain. As I’ve mentioned a few times, GollyGreg caused me to create this account. I don’t want to say inspired because that may imply that his wood grain caused me to want to help others have equally good wood grain, but with the anniversary of my creation tomorrow and due to the fact this game is the only one Golly has ever actually finished, I felt like it was time to review it.


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Grinder-Portal Heroes Beta

Hello endless clicker game players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at a new game that just came out last week, Portal Heroes by SirMing. It is the first real incremental game game to make it to the front page. As someone who like to over due stuff in games, I hate these games because I always play them way to much to try and break them. As a result, I’ve played Portal Heroes for a good 60-72 hours since it came out. If only it came out a week or so earlier it would have been my most played game of 2016 for the Bloxxy awards.


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Poor Paving-The Streets

Hello aspiring gangsters of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Normally on ROBLOX, games fall into one of two categories: actual games and showcases. Actual games are, well, games, and showcases are just neat places where you can look around. While games tend to have simpler maps to allow players with weaker PCs, and now tablets and XBones, to play without much lag, showcases tend to go all-in on detail to the point where even players with the most powerful PCs will see their GPU usage spike as they observe chairs made out of 200 bricks littering the place.

This is not to bash either type of place; showcases are useful for showing off how bad the creator is with wood grain in as many bricks as possible, while places have the player enjoy the experience while  the bad wood grain is lurking in the background. My point is, there is usually a fairly large gap on ROBLOX between very well built showcases on ROBLOX and games that are interactive for players. Today I am looking at The Streets by SharkWorl. It is a game that takes the detail of most showcases, and incorporates gameplay mechanics to create a hybrid of the two place types. Normally this is when most ROBLOX game reviewer would praise the game for what it does. And so would I, if it had proper wood grain.


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Old Era-Merchant Tycoon

Hello tycoon players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am looking at another tycoon I found a few days ago. This one goes by the name Merchant Tycoon and is made by Varyze. Now some of you may be wondering why I’m doing another tycoon. Personally, I find most of the current ROBLOX tycoons bearable. I enjoy the old dropper ones from 2008 and 2009 a bit more only because you had more options to try and optimize your production by skipping steps/upgrade paths while most current tycoons hide all future unlocks behind unlocks you needs to buy, causing you  the player to only have 3 or 4 upgrade paths at a time, regardless of how long you are willing to save up money. Still, I don’t find the current crop of tycoons to be nearly as bad as most people make them out to be.

Besides for the wood grain, that is.


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Sponsored-Island Adventures

Hakuna matata Disney lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I have a very special review of the sponsored game Moana’s Island Adventure, sponsored by Disney’s upcoming movie Moana. Now, why is this so special? Is it because I am being sponsored to create this review? Well, no.

Is it because I helped make the game? Also no.

Is it because it represents a new sponsorship partnership between ROBLOX and one of the biggest media companies in the world? No.

Is it because the game is a massive improvement on any other game that anyone on ROBLOX has ever made? IDK. I’m just here for the wood grain. So why is this game so special? Why am I literally giggling with joy as I write this? Because of who made it.


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Interest-Bank Tycoon

Hello adventure capitalists of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at another tycoon in  the form of Bank Tycoon. Now some people may be curious why I am wasting my time with tycoons recently. The truth is I just felt like playing some tycoons because I felt like it. Not really any other reason. And while I’m playing them, no better way to pass the time while you wait for your money amount to increase then to inspect the local wood in the area. For the bank, lets start at the front and work towards the back.


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