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Splashy Splashy- Waterpark

Hello there fellow classic game lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a classic game I found the other day that for some reason still has a surprisingly large player count, Waterpark by Bricktronic. This is a classic game from the 2012-2014 era of Roblox that is from a simpler time, where you could get to the front page with a group of 4-5 friends getting up at 6 AM before the rest of the Americans woke up to play a game could help catapult the game to the front page for the day before everyone went to sleep that night causing the game to be forgotten by all but a few people for the rest of time. However, despite its age Waterpark still seems to be sitting at a consistent 600-700 players despite looking like it was ripped straight out of the past. So, if it continues to have stood the test of time to the players, has it stood the test of time to me since I last played it nearly a decade ago?

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Sideways- WRC Roblox Rally

Hello there rally enjoyers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with my first proper look at a racing game on Roblox, WRC Roblox Rally by Screenslicer2. Racing games on Roblox tend to be hard to review for several reasons, either because of some restricted camera settings while you are sitting in a car, the fact the cars tend to be limited to the track and blocked off from the scenery, the short nature of races during which you can review wood grain, or the fact most racing games are pretty bareboned in their design. Luckily for me, WRC is a time-trail game that lets you walk around the map, so I have free reign to show you all the bad wood grain.

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Timberbreaker- Tree Top Theme Park

Hello there theme park enthusiasts of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to took a look at another ancient genre of Roblox games, theme park games, today looking at Tree Tops Theme Park by Starfish Game Studios. Theme park games on Roblox have a surprisingly long history, from JJ5x5’s Thrillville Parks that basically killed people for YouTube videos to Django136’s original coaster which was basically a conveyor belt that flung people at high speeds through loops, to Muscle_God’s Six Flags park with completely vertical hills, to ICE128’s more modern realistic coasters, and finally to Starmarin614’s Roblox Point, which marked the first true modern Roblox theme park. Along with the dedicated coaster builders other Roblox legends like Are92, Stravant, and even my second favorite punching bag Asimo3089 have thrown their hat into the ring at one point making a coaster or park, so with such a long history as to parks predating wood grain being added to Roblox by nearly a year and a half, how does Tree Tops Park do with it?

Well, not very good.

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Want to go Skateboards-Skate Park

Hello there Zeke and Luther fans, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a genre of game that basically only exists because Roblox needed money back in 2009, skateboarding, with one of the most popular games currently in that genre, Skate Park by Skate Central. Or Retro Shrimp. Or Starmarine614. I mean after 14 years of being on the site I do understand ownership structures can get a bit complicated, but I feel like if you can understand this ownership structure you should be able to understand wood grain just fine.

Wait, never mind, I guess it is true that they teach business at most colleges and not wood grain.

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