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Not Dust 2-TWISTER Paintball Part 3

Ahoy there, mateys, WoodReviewer here, not sure what is up with the pirate thing. I ran out of new introductions I guess. Especially since I am reviewing the Desert Ruins map in TWISTED Paintball. Like Jungle Japes, it is made by PixelatedCandy with the main game being made by Taymaster. This is the third map in TWISTED Paintball, and seeing as there are only three maps currently this will be the end of the review. For now. I am always open to reviewing new maps in the wood grain warrants, which based on these maps it will. Onto the wood. First, lets take a look at an old friend, Mr Fruit Stand.

Sand market.png

Don’t recognize him? Much like the crate in the previous post, Mr Fruit Stand was featured in a previous blog on endorsed models. Much like the crate, I have nothing against reusing assets. Unless the assets are bad, then they should be fixed. It is easy; I did it myself.

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Jungle World-Twisted Paintball Part 2

Hello there my readers, WoodReviewer here. I am here to look at wood in all of the games. Today I look at TWISTED Murder by Taymaster. Well, the game is. The map I am looking at is by  PixelatedCandy. This is part 2 of my look at TWISTED Murder because there was too much bad wood grain to fit in one blog post. Will there be too much to fit in two posts? The fact I am asking that questions means I know the answer. Plus the fact I have the rest of the review written and am going back to change the intro to tease part 3.

In this blog I will be looking at the map Jungle Japes, as mentioned, by PixelatedCandy. Like Frosthold, the winter map, it has many examples of bad wood grain. Unlike Frosthold, it does not have any impressive wood grain to start this review out cheerfully. So lets start with some less-bad wood grain first.

Swamp crate.png

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Paint Snow-Twisted Paintball Part 1

Hello there fellow Bob Ross enthusiasts, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at a game that continues a classic tradition on ROBLOX: Paintball. Yes, paintball, which started back when ROBLOX added the original paintball gun to brick battle places, soared to popularity with Miked’s Ultimate Paintball, was revived with Crazyman32’s Realistic Paintball, then died off for a bit, bought back to life with MAD Paintball, and here we are today with TWISTED Paintball by Taymaster. However, I am not going to lie: given the fact the game’s name is derived from a Murder clone at the game seems to be a response to MAD Paintball, even keeping the theme of using MAD/TWISTED from the Murder games to the paintball games, I had little hope the wood grain would be good. I was wrong.

Snow ax.png

Look at this stump. It is an amazing stump. It is amazing. It is probably the best piece of wood grain I have ever seen on ROBLOX. And it continues.

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EndorsedModels Endorsed Models-Endorsed Models Part 5

Hello Dave, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking my last look at endorsed models, for now. You see, on the Dev Forum a new thread was made about the model maker program and I was hoping that people would submit models that I could inspect, however no one has submitted any models yet. So I can’t review them. Anyway, onto the last of the old endorsed models, and today we take a look at EndorsedModel’s endorsed models. But only two. However, these are the largest and most complex models, and also have the most improper wood grain. One small correction, however. Originally, this was suppose to look at DataBrain’s Wood Grain Fixer plugin, but that has been delayed and will be its own blog post, probably later this week. I will still feature a model from here in that post, but I have enough content to split that off into its own post. Now, enough wood cleaning, back to wood reviewing.


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Not Wine-Wyvern Inn

Hello there juice drinkers and bed sleepers, WoodReviewer here, and today I am going to take a look at Wyvern Inn by Urbanize. Now, some people may be confused when they enter this place and think it is some type of illegal wine producing place. It is not. All that is being made in the place is simple grape juice, and it is simple being stored in barrels to kept fresh. No wine involved at all. Not that the wine issue is settled, lets start taking a look at the bad wood grain.

Main Gate.png

That was the main gate for the Inn. Both the main supports for the gate as well as the boards on the actual gate all have improper wood grain, with the grain going horizontal instead of vertical.

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Gone-Demented Defense

Hello people of the past, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to be taking a look at Demented Defense by Beeism, TheInnovative, kmansong2, maplestick, and Scripton. Not this review wasn’t originally scheduled today, part 5 of endorsed models was, however I heard a rumor that Demented Defense was going to close today, so I made it priority number one. You see, it is hard to review a closed game because it is closed. How true the rumors of it closing are I’m not sure; as of the time of publishing it was open and charging Robux for in-game items, which means it is either open or doing pre-ordering for the re-opening. Which is it? I’m not sure. But I’m reviewing it.

Lets start in the lobby.


This was a fire pit near the starting GUI. I’m not sure what the intent of the wood is suppose to be; scraps being burned or rubble being burned. In either case, the grain on the lighter brown piece is going the wrong way, and the same on the thinner piece of darker brown wood.

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Card Battle-Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Hello there people with too much free time, WoodReviewer here, and today I am going to be taking a look at Yu-Gi-Oh GX by  AbstractAlex. To be completely honest, I did not really play this game as much as walk through it. I never got into Yu-Gi-Oh, even though it was popular both times I was in the 7th grade, so I was not familiar with the card stuff.  Also I haven’t watched any anime shows since King of the Hill got cancelled so I’m not sure why people kept shouting  “goa way” and other anime lingo at me. Luckily, my understanding of anime culture is not important in evaluating wood, so lets look at wood.

Red Bed.png

ZFightingReviewer is the real hero we need

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Horses-Meadows Ranch Part 1

Hello there horse riders, WoodReviewer here, today I take an early look at Meadows Ranch by Meadows Ranch. Now, this is not a released game, much like the Egg Hunt, so the average user can’t play it yet. Also, the game isn’t done yet so I can’t review the whole thing. However, I have access to some of it so I can review parts of it so that hopefully the issues are fixed in the final release. Look at this image of Meadows Ranch that was teased back in February.

Medows Rance

I posted about it on Twitter, and look at that gate post now.

Main Sign.png

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EndorsedModel-Endorsed Models Part 4

Hello ladies, gentleman, and our future robot overlords, WoodReviewer here, and today I will be continuing my look through  endorsed models, today focusing on the models by EndorsedModel. Or most of them atleast. You see, EndorsedModel has 7 endorsed models I will be taking a look at, 5 today, 2 next time. The 5 today are simple, but the ones next time are more complex and will include a look at DataBrain’s Wood Grain Fix plug in and will show why it is not always correct.

“WoodReviewer” you may be asking, “Who are you and what are endorsed models.” You see, Jimmy, that is why you start at part 1 and work your way to part 4, so you know what is going on. No go on, read the first 3 and a half parts, this site is paid for until atleast mid 2017, so there should be plenty of time.

Back Jimmy? Good. Now let’s start telling EndorsedModel how much he sucks at wood.


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Tactical Surprise-Vortex Security: Castle Thruul

Hello there fellow warmongers, WoodReviewer here, today I will be taking a look at Castle Thruul by Vortex Security. Now I apologize if I am a bit out of touch with war groups; my last experience with them was raiding the X-101st HQ back when LordNathan was still around, planes were flown with the same tools used to drive cars, guns fired high velocity squares, and you could glitch through walls. So with that great and recent experience raiding war group places, what better way to review Castle Thruul than by raiding it.

Main Gate.png

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