Monthly Archives: November 2020

WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar

Do you enjoy gifts in the holiday season?  How about useless, virtual tat that you will most likely never actually use but still want because it makes you feel special on the inside? Or do you just want random examples of wood grain from yours truly?  If you said yes to any above, I have some good news. Today I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the official WoodReviewer 2020 Advent Calendar.

Each day during the 25 days in December leading up to and including Christmas, one of the windows/doors in the calendar will open up, revealing some gift inside. Like real advent calendars, some days you will get something cool. Other days you will get something lame. Some days you might get something that you think is cool at first but then leads to disappointment. Other days will just be leftover stuff I have lying around because I need to open a new window but don’t have time to make something new. My point is don’t get your hopes up for something super special and unique.

But if you want this calendar, you need to hurry up and get it now. Again, the link is right here. Technically you don’t need to get it now since I will probably never take it off sale, even past Christmas, since it is a free model and there will be copies out there anyway. And it also doesn’t affect me if you take it because again, free. And you can’t even gift to others as a gift, but still, take it. And if nothing else, enjoy the advent calendar ride this December.