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Hunting-Roblox Egg Hunt 2017

Hello egg hunters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here. It is that time of year again, when the birds start chirping and bunnies start laying eggs for a week. Yup, is time for the 2017 Roblox Egg Hunt. Or was. The eggs are disabled now since the event is over, and in hindsight I probably should have done this review earlier instead of just sitting on it for two weeks, but oh well. But who made this egg hunt this year? Well it was EBR this year. So how was their wood grain?


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Sponsored-Island Adventures

Hakuna matata Disney lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I have a very special review of the sponsored game Moana’s Island Adventure, sponsored by Disney’s upcoming movie Moana. Now, why is this so special? Is it because I am being sponsored to create this review? Well, no.

Is it because I helped make the game? Also no.

Is it because it represents a new sponsorship partnership between ROBLOX and one of the biggest media companies in the world? No.

Is it because the game is a massive improvement on any other game that anyone on ROBLOX has ever made? IDK. I’m just here for the wood grain. So why is this game so special? Why am I literally giggling with joy as I write this? Because of who made it.


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Beach Fun-Cape Cod

Hello non-elite builders of ROBLOXia who have a deep yearning to learn more about wood grain, WoodReviewer here, it is that time again: when I have no idea what place to review but still want to get a blog post out. You all know what that means: Time to spin toe EBR Wheel of Woodshame and find a random place with bad wood grain. Today’s victim is Electiz, with his place Cape Cod. As always with EBR places, it goes not take long to find bad wood grain.

Ope ning.png

This was right by spawn. As it is easy to see, the posts that hold up the rope that hold up the lantern have bad wood grain. The grain should be vertical. Surprisingly, though, the chairs and table both had correct wood grain.

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Rising Tides-River House

Hello builders of ROBLOX looking for inspiration, WoodReviewer here. Today I am here to inspire you, and to do that I am going to take a look at some of the buildings of great builders in the Elite Builders of ROBLOX and tell you how much those buildings sucks in the latest installment of the EBR Wheel of WoodShame. Today I am taking a look at River House by Electiz. As is tradition with places my water, lets start off by looking at the boat dock.


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Smelly-Wizard Hut

Hello enjoyers of fine wood, WoodReviewer here. If you have noticed, I have been a little behind on reviews the past week or so. Don’t worry; make up reviews are on the way with hopefully five reviews coming out this week, two on wooden planks, one on a look at the released version of Meadows Ranch, and two others, this one included. So, what will this one be? I’m not sute, so lets fire up the old EBR Wheel of WoodShame. For those unfamiliar with the EBR Wheel of WoodShame, EBR stands for the Elite Builders of ROBLOX, supposedly a group of the best builders on ROBLOX. Naturally, since they are the best, most elite builders on ROBLOX all their places should be built to the highest standards and have the most incredible wood grain.


Today’s unlucky victim is Urbanize, who was featured in my earlier look at Wyvern Inn. Today I am going to take a look at their other showcase Wizard Hut, which got them into EBR, and should represent EBR’s strict standards of building quality control. When you first enter the place, you spawn on a small drawbridge next to a gate, protecting the hut. From there, you can really see EBR’s standards for building.

Opening Gate.png

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