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Little Green Army Men- Toy SoldierZ

Hello there backyard toy enthusiasts of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at Toy SoldierZ by CDK Development. I am aware that many of you are probably wondering why am I reviewing this game instead of the review of the new City Template place Roblox, made, and don’t worry, that is coming soon, I just keep falling down more and more rabbit holes while working on it. Don’t worry, I promise it is coming soon, but for this week enjoy my review of Toy SoldierZ. So, how is the wood grain here?

Not very good.

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Late- Fushimi Castle

Hello there developers waiting on my look at the new City Roblox template, WoodReviewer here, and my look at the new City template place is coming soon, I just had an unfortunate accident in Blender where I mistook the loop cut took for the select tool, and long story short save you work often and don’t always overwrite your old work unless you want to end up with an n-gon that has roughly 179 vertices along a single side. Once I get that sorted my review on the new template will be up, but until then please be content with my last-minute review of Fushimi Castle by Hiuh29. So, is the wood grain here any good?

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Nom Nom Nom- Work at a Pizza Place

Hello guys. WoodReviewer here. Now that the introductions are over, its time to actually start annoying people. What a better way to start this by starting at the most popular place in ROBLOX’s history, Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1.

Now, are you hungry? Ready to eat some nice, hot pizza in a small town where oddly enough the only industry is a pizza place that everyone in the town works and everyone orders from but is still able to see a growth of wealth despite the fact there is no obvious source of new income for the town? Well, you should look down.

Oh hey this is how I add a caption
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