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More Garbage- Princess Castle Tycoon Part 2

Hello there brave souls who have decided to return after my unhinged rant last week, WoodReviewer here again with part 2 of my review of Princess Castle Tycoon by Banana Bunch! I promise this week’s review will be a bit less unhinged than last week’s review, mainly because I limited myself to 15 screenshots of bad wood grain this week, rather than the 60 screenshots last week. This week we are taking a look at the Garden expansion of the game, which is basically a small outdoor garden area that is completely detached from the main tycoon. Is the wood grain here better?

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Absolute Garbage- Princess Castle Tycoon

Hello there pretty little princesses of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and if you are are on a lower end device, I highly suggest you don’t read the entire review because it is very picture heavy. For those of you who are new here and don’t understand how wood grain works, I highly suggest either reading a normal review of mine, my very outdated and basic guide to wood grain, or just look at some real wood because this review will not explain why the wood grain is wrong because I only have so many ways to say “VERTICAL WOOD VERTICAL GRAIN, HORIZONTAL WOOD HORIZTONAL GRAIN” which is like 95% of the problems with wood grain. Even on my shorter reviews I run out of ways to say that, hence the awkward transitions in many of my reviews, especially when most reviews have multiple of the same asset and I just treat them separately to pad out the review about. But today I am reviewing Princess Castle Tycoon by Banana Bunch, and I will run out of ways to keep repeating myself. Instead, this review is a mostly unhinged rant because the wood grain is so bad with pictures showing some of the bad wood grain, because oh my God there is a bunch of bad wood grain.

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