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State of the Wood Grain-Twitter

Hello Twitter users of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am not here to talk about wood grain, but rather the preferred way that people seem to like to have wood grain delivered to them, Twitter. As some of you may be aware, there has recently been some drama on Twitter where several prominent members of the Roblox Twitter community have been permanently suspended, including CloneTrooper1019, PixelatedCandy, and Lilly_S, along with some other users having their accounts temporary suspended, such as AsimoISuckAtWoodGrain3089 and ScriptOn. These suspensions appear to be the result of a user reporting super old and out of context Tweets to Twitter to get users suspended. For some, like CloneTrooper, finding these Tweets were probably fairly easy. Lilly seems much more innocent. Not only is she a Roblox employee, but Roblox deemed his safe enough to have her as a toy that is featured in almost every Walmart and Toys R Us in the US, meaning the bar for a owning a Twitter account is higher than being the bar for a children’s toy. Even more troubling was the fact Asimo was suspended, albeit for only 12 hours. I have personally gone through every single one of Asimo’s Tweets atleast 4 times looking for dirt on him, and all I have to say is please don’t do that. He is an incredibly boring man, and this makes the fact he got hit by this even more amazing.

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Scary Wood-Hallow’s Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls

Hello ghost and ghoul enthusiasts of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at Roblox’s Official 2017 Halloween event game, Hallow’s Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls by Swift Dev and sponsored by the NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt. This game continues the decade long tradition that Roblox has established of a varying quality of Halloween games, with some being pretty good, and others being fairly bad. So how is this years game? Well, let me just state that the image folder for this review is the largest, size wise, that I’ve ever done. So with so much bad wood grain to go over, lets jump right into it.


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Back in the Day-Time Travel Obby

Hello history enthusiasts of Roblox, today I am taking a look at history and taking a look at the Time Travel Obby by blockage, which was part of the first set of new featured games for me to bash review. If you are curious as to why the game is no longer featured, it is because the first week for this new sort is over so new victims games have been selected. Now I’m sure I could make some statement about how I am traveling back in time a month to review this game and it was delayed on purpose, but honestly I was just lazy and didn’t get around to writing a review until now.

One thing I like to do in most reviews is to start off with something positive about a game. I like to, atleast, normally there isn’t anything positive to say about most games. However, today I do have one positive: This cylinder on a torch at the start of the obby is correct.


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People-Player Opener

Hello fellow players of Roblox, WoodReviewer here. It is not everyday that I am in a game, mainly because my review schedule has been very poor and I only go in-game to prepare for reviews once or twice a week. But it is even rarer that I am actually featured in a game, like I am in Player Opener by BOF. Now I’m sure some of you are worried about how trying to bribe me with a proper review would influence my review. But worry not; unless the bribe has 4 digits before the decimal point, I am completely unbribable.


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