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Easterbury Canals Part 1-2018 Egg Hunt Part 5

Hello chocolate bunny lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for yet another look at the 2018 Egg Hunt in what is a seemingly endless amount of blog posts on this one event. Today I am taking a look at the Easterbury Canals world. Also, spoiler alert, but tomorrow I will still be taking a look at Easterbury Canals because there is just too much improper wood grain to easily fit it into one post without my site lagging. I mean, I could do a 22 image blog post, but that just seems excessive, even for me.

So where should I start this blog post? How about right at spawn. Looking at a doorway, noticing improper wood grain all without having to move a single inch. No, this is not Deja Vu from the library, the developers just love making my job too easy by letting me point out the same issues in multiple areas. If you want to see the issues with the door, go back and ready part 1 on the library.


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Merlin’s Swamp-2018 Egg Hunt Part 4

Hello mystical egg collectors of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for another part in my necessarily long and detailed at the 2018 Egg Hunt by Fifteam. Just Fifteam, not Fifteam games or anything, just Fifteam.

Enough on the random thoughts on the team name, lets move onto the actual review of the wood grain, this time, finally, at a map that isn’t Wonderland Grove, Merlin’s swamp. If you are curious how to get to it, just go to Wonderland Grove and hop through the portal, so you’ll have a chance to look at a ton of the improper wood grain throughout the map on your way here. The first issue with the wood grain I saw was this sign, which was about 20 or so studs away from the spawn point. Unlike most signs, the actual post for this sign was correct, probably because it was made out of corroded metal and not wood. However, the top face of the actual wooden sign part of the sign was incorrect, with wood grain that went from the front to back faces of the sign, not from one end to the other like on the front face of the sign.


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Wonderland Grove Part 2-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 3

Hello lovers of overly detail reviews of sponsored games, WoodReviewer here, again here to take a look at the 2018 Egg Hunt. And again taking a look world 1 of about 50 different worlds, Wonderland Grove. And for those wondering, yes, I will continue doing reviews on the entirety of the game, no matter how long it takes me or how many posts I need. Even if that means that after the egg hunt ends I’m still posting new reviews about it, so be it. After all, stretching out this review into more parts means I get more views, which would be really good for my ad revenue if I actually bothered to run ads. But enough with my very poor money management skills, lets continue to bash this years egg hunt.

Which piece of improper wood grain will be the first target today? Lets start with this thing. It is just so wrong there is no way to properly express how wrong it is.


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Wonderland Grove Part 1-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 2

Hello pink lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for the second part of my review of the 2018 Egg Hunt by Fifteam games. For those picking up where we left off at the end of the last review, if you guessed “do a massive series of reviews for each world” then you either have a basic understanding of how much I hate wood grain or played more than 1 world of the egg hunt and saw that there was truly a massive amount of improper wood grain throughout all of the worlds. How much exactly? Well, you’ll see that soon enough But the fact that this is the second, but not final, review, should give you some indication. Also the fact that this is just the first part of a review on a single review should also give you even more indication. But first, lets start off with some good news: I was unable to see any improper wood grain directly behind me when I spawned.


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Big Hunt-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 1

Hello excited egg hunters of Roblox who are probably disappointed and/or relieved that I didn’t use a silly egg pun to start off this review, WoodReviewer here, and it is that time of year again where everyone’s hands smell like eggs and despite the fact you soak them in bleach the smell of day-old eggs just doesn’t go away, the egg hunt. This year it is the 2018 Egg Hunt because it is 2018, and it is by Fifteam, a group of developers who will probably never work again since this was just a one-off event game they made for Roblox but they had to make a group to pay people out and so that the social media team could do some branding for them even though the brand will likely never do anything ever again.

But enough rambling about the futility of trying to build a brand that will dissolve after the current event is completed, how is the wood grain here? Well, it didn’t take me wrong to fix improper wood grain here. Actually, it took me no time at all as the door you walk through when you first spawn in the game has improper wood grain.

Egg Hunt 2018.png

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Pile-2017 Holiday Event Place: Part 4

Hello fellow GollyGreg haters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for what should be part 4, and the final part, of my incredibly long review of Mountaineers by GollyGreg, because who else could cause me to create a review with 40+ images and more than 4,500 words than good old Greg. If for some reason you want to see the 3,000+ words worth of reviews from the previous reviews, feel free to check out parts part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this needlessly long review, if for some reason you haven’t done so already. But those reviews are in the past, it is now time for part 3 of this mega review. With all the bad wood grain from the other reviews, I can’t possibly have that much new and unique examples of bad wood grain to show off, right?

Well, maybe. But if the improper wood grain at the entrance to Scrooge’s mansion is anything to go by, there is still plenty more to show before this review ends.


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Garbage-2017 Holiday Event Place: Part 3

Hello fellow GollyGreg haters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and welcome back to part 3 of my review of the 2017 Holiday Event Place,  Mountaineers, by GollyGreg and other people who are not my sworn enemies in life. This is part 3 of this review, because the amount of bad wood grain here is monumental. If you want to look at the rest of the bad wood grain here, be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of my reviews. But it is now time to continue my bashing of GollyGreg, so here it goes.

Well, almost time. The entrance to the mining area had these cool looking logs with a darker bark outside and lighting wooden inside that looked cool, and they had proper wood grain, so that is one positive.


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Terrible-2017 Holiday Event Place: Part 2

Hello fellow GollyGreg haters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and I really do hate GollyGreg. This isn’t some act or something, I really do hate him. Anyway, today I continue my review of Mountaineers. If you want to see who made it, check out part 1 of my review since like 80 people worked on it. So, where to begin with part two of this review? I think I should start where I left off with part one, at the main town area at the bottom of the mountain.


Usually when I to these large promo shots at the start of my reviews, they tend to be harmless beauty shots of a game. Images that I think are cool and I usually have nothing to criticize. That isn’t the case here, because the combined forces of GollyGreg, Beeism, and EBR are too much. This show shows just how bad the wood grain is; the 4 copies of the similar bridge with bad wood grain, the half dozen or so houses with the bad doors and windows, the dozens of light posts, the half dozen benches, and the few signs pointing players towards the next area. There are so many assets with bad wood grain here repeated so many times that I can’t help but point them all out.

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Massive-2017 Holiday Event Place: Part 1

Hello fellow Robloxians who hate GollyGreg, WoodReviewer here, and today is part 1 of my look at the 2017 holiday event game Mountianeers by GollyGreg, Beeism, Quenty, Diesoft, MasterOfTheElements, Crykee, TheShipArchitect, FutureWebsiteOwner, and awesomeawesxomeman3. Now this may seem like an unusually large list of people to work on a game, but don’t worry, this will be an unusually long review of a game, hence the fact this is only part 1. Honestly, I did not intend to make this a multipart review. However, after I finished capturing the bad wood grain in the game, I decided I would need to make it a multipart review based on the fact my PC’s fan appeared to be trying to take off due to the amount of screenshots I had prepared. But honestly, what could be expected when GollyGreg, Beeism, GollyGreg, Quenty, the former owner of EBR, and GollyGreg work on a game together?

I know one thing that can be expected: A lot of improper wood grain.


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Fair-Hallows Eve:Blocktoberfest

Hello OP players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to Nerf you with the Blocktoberfest Halloween event, sponsored by Nerf. One thing I need to say is that I was asked before the game was released, in early August, to look at the wood grain before it was released. I asked if I could look at it closer to release, in September or so. But then I forgot because I have a short attention span and often forget what I’m doing, which is why if you ever see me in-game and I am acting confused, I probably am.


Onto the actual game, the game consists of a series of mini-games based around a central county fair area. It is odd, though, because while everything is made to be seem like a fair, the roller coaster resembles a much more permanent launched coaster, rather than the more common traveling Wild Mouse/small looping coasters that frequent fair grounds. Onto the actual wood grain, the central fair area doesn’t have much. That doesn’t mean it had proper wood grain, though, as the costume stands have bad wood grain. Instead of having vertical wood grain on the legs and main support, it has horizontal wood grain.

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