WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 4

Hello wood users of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time for yet another gift to open from my 2016 Advent Calendar. Now one thing to keep in mind with advent calendars is that every day may not have a good item. Some may have decent items, but the item does seem good until other items related to it are released.  So, what item is behind door number four today?


…A wooden brick.


“But WoodReviewer, you have already done the trick of giving people a single wooden brick before.”

Yes I have. But this is not just a wooden brick. It is actually a plastic brick with some wooden textures on it. There is a slight difference in lightness, as you can see with the regular ROBLOX wooden brick on the left, and the textured brick on the right.

Old vs New.png

But why? Well, some reasons will be revealed when more items open. But there are some things you can do now. For example, using the transparency property of textures you can lighten up the texture by increasing the transparency of the wooden texture. This can be used for more color gradients, or having multiple wood types.


In addition, you can increase the size of the texture. This is useful if you ever want either a toy land where you are shrunken down and want the wood grain around you to be massive, or if you want small bricks to have wood grain that seems appropriate for their size.

Large Brick.png

Texture on the left, regular on the right

It is also worth noting that instead of just one texture, there is a second texture. This is the normal texture from ROBLOX’s files that provide some fine lines added to the texture. I find it looks best if you have it at between .75 and .9 transparency. All my above images have it at .9, while the below pic is at 0.

Line Layer.png

“Wait, WoodReviewer, you said you used something from ROBLOX’s files. Are you just giving us, for a gift, a bunch of textures you just ripped from ROBLOX?”

Merry Christmas!

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