WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 9

Hello paper readers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is day 9 of my 2016 Advent Calendar. Today is a big milestone for many reasons. First, the bottom row of my Advent Calendar is now all opened. Secondly, today is the last day of single digit days. But, more important than anything else has to do with opening today’s window.


Today was the first day I opened the window without having to reposition my camera in studio after rotating the windows. Oh, also there is a little side-table thing inside.


Its just a small table. Nothing much to see. It has a shelf on the bottom to store things you want close and visible in a room, but just out of your way.

Side Table.png

And a pull-out drawer for things you want close but not visible. This is a perfect place, for example, to store shavings from your hiking sticks if you want to use them as fire starter in the future.


Don’t worry; like all my other models this is welded together. And as such, the drawer and main table are two different models, with the proper supports for the drawer being included so it doesn’t need to float in the air with the help of magical welds.

Table no drawer.png


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