WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 13

Hello unlucky gift receivers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 13 of my 2016 Advent Calendar. Today marks passing the halfway point in my calendar, and seeing as I already used up more than half of my ideas, this day could not have come soon enough. But enough about my struggles with not actually thinking my plans through, lets move onto today’s gift.


…It is a shelf. Or a book case.  The spacing for the shelves may be a bit too thin for some books, but honestly I don’t know what books on ROBLOX should look like.


It is made using the wood texture I gave away yesterday, on day 12. Originally this was suppose to be day 12, but I made this darker wooden plank texture and it seemed more appropriate to use for this book case.


All the shelves are made from very dark hardwood. The top shelf is extra large to hold larger items, and the very top of the shelf is also sturdy enough if you want to use it to store additional items that are to tall or bulky to fit on the inner shelves. Or if you are just a slob that needs more storage space.


However, if you want the book case to serve two duties, you can also lower it into the ground and use it as a small table. Why would you do this instead of making a second table asset that doesn’t have the extra parts underground? I’m not sure. I just know this is what actual game devs do. And not ROBLOX game devs, like Bethesda game devs.


Oh, and as always the model is welded together if you feel like unanchoring it to blow up or run over with a car or something.

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