WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 16

Hello… People. I guess. WoodReviewer here, and I am really running low on intro lines for my 2016 Advent Calendar. But the good news is that I only have 9 days left to go, and I already have 3 of those days pre-planned. But most of you probably don’t care about that. Most of you probably don’t care about my advent calendar at all and are confused about why you are here, who am I, and what is the purpose of life and existence. And while the last question if a little above my pay grade, the answers to the first two are probably misc licked a link on Twitter and WoodReviewer. But enough with that rambling, lets move onto today’s gift for all the few of you that are here for that.


Its some drawers.


Yup, just a basic set of drawers that has 4 drawers in it. You can put stuff in them. Or use them as decoration and leave them empty. However, be careful as the inside is hallow and the little holes in the front that act as handles can be seen through.


As with all of my items, this drawer set is welded together. However, the main casing for the drawers and the drawers themselves are not welded so the drawers will fall out if the case is knocked over.


The drawers are only held in place by the rail on the inside of the cabinet. So if you want them to stay in, I suggest anchoring the drawers as they like to get flung out when you walk into the drawers.


That’s all for today. Be sure to come back in the future if you want to see the rest of the gifts. I don’t normally say this, but I just felt like adding a final paragraph to tell you all that after saying “drawers” in my head for the last 45 minutes the word now seems silly to me.

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