Day 6-Speed Race

Hello gift receivers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today is the sixth day of December 2017, which we all know can only mean one thing: Today it is time to look at Speed Race by MasterDaniel, because I bet a bunch of you thought you were safe from my wrath this month.


Honestly, there isn’t that much wrong with Speed Race. Most of the maps are fairly barren and lack any wood grain at all. I believe in the 2 or so hours I played I saw wood grain in 3 of the maps, although because every kept on picking the same maps over and over again, I probably missed a few of the maps. Still, the maps weren’t safe from the bad wood grain.

Take this house, for example, all the wood grain is going off diagonally because the entire house is a single union. This is not OK. This is very not OK.


Another example of bad wood grain in this map was on this tent pole, where the wood grain on the main supports was horizontal, not the correct vertical orientation.


And really, that was all the wood grain I saw. I believe the swamp map had some wooden planks, but those appeared to be correct the one time out of 40 I got that map. So overall, not that much bad wood grain. Still terrible overall, but easily fixed.

That is until you start to take a look at the lobby. The lobby had a ton of improper wood grain, which made my job easy since a good 3/4ths of my time spent in the game was in the lobby. Take the posts over the stores, for example. These, like the tent posts, all had horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


This same issue is also seen on some fence posts around the map, with the fences having additional issues. On the top face of the fence, instead of stretching between the posts like wood grain should, the grain goes from front to back, relative to my character in this picture. This is a fairly easy issue to fix, assuming the fence isn’t a union. If it is then the union needs to be separated because it is impossible for both the post and fencing to be correct at the same time while in 1 union.


Another example of one face being correct while other faces are incorrect is this railing on a bridge. The top face is correct, and even the supports for it are correct. However, the side facing the camera is incorrect, with vertical wood grain instead of horizontal wood grain like the top face.


And for one last piece of bad wood grain from the lobby, this tree. Again, a majority of the wood grain here is correct; for tree bark, it does not matter if the grain is vertical or horizontal for the entirety of the tree. But the key word is entirety.  Here, the trunk and most of the faces on the branches have bark that wraps around the tree. However, on some of the branches some faces have bark that goes along with the growth of the tree, away from the base of the tree. This is improper, and should be fixed. Or all the other branches should be changed. The point is, at the end of the day all of the parts of the tree should have the bark going the same direction.


And that is most of the game. Again, probably missed a few of the harder maps because people wouldn’t vote for them, but for the maps I did play this was all I saw. It wasn’t much, but it was still an unacceptable amount of bad wood grain, and hopefully it does get fixed in the not-to-distant future.


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