WoodReviewer’s 2017 Advent Calendar Day 9

Hello crate lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 9 of my 2017 Advent Calendar. Now I’m not even going to hide it; today is crate day.


Or more specifically, fruit crate day, because contrary to what some people, Quenty and EBR, would have you believe, there is not just a single crate that you can stick anywhere in any map and have it look in-place. Looking at you, futuristic space-ship level in the 2016 Voltron game.


The crate is a fairly basic crate, with a bottom and 4 sides formed with wooden planks. The only major detail on it is the handles cut into one board on the sides of the crate.


And the fact the crate is actually empty on the inside, so you can add your own apples or bananas to the inside if you want.


That’s all there is, really. Sorry if you expected a more traditional looking crate today, but it is still too early to play all my cards.

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