WoodReviewer’s 2017 Advent Calendar Day 13

Hello people who continue to read these blog posts despite the fact they are a random word salad with some pictures included, WoodReviewer here, and today is Day 13 of my 2017 Advent Calendar, meaning I am officially more than halfway done with this. So, what is in today’s box?


…Its a brick with a texture on it.


Really, the texture doesn’t matter much. You see, for the meshes I’ve been uploading, the mesh needs the texture of wood grain. However, unlike normal textures, mesh textures don’t have color3 support so whenever you want to change the color of the wood, you need to change the color of the texture.

Empty Texture.png

Here is the original texture in its full glory. If you want to change the color of the wood, all you need to do is make a layer with the desired color and paste this texture ontop of it in a new layer. Then you just need to upload it and replace the data and you’re all set. Obviously, this isn’t the preferred way to do this, but until meshes have color3 support, it is the only way.

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