WoodReviewer’s 2017 Advent Calendar Day 20

Hello excited wooden furniture lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 20 of my 2017 Advent Calendar. So, what is inside today’s box?


It’s a small side table.


It is built in a very similar style to yesterday’s coffee table, making it the second set of items, along with the chairs and kitchen table earlier this year, that can go together. So, does that mean in the 5 days remaining other gifts of mine will get similar gifts that help complement them? I don’t know.

I mean, I literally don’t know. I’m just making this all up as I go along.


One special thing to note about this table is a secondary set of supports it has for the table top, pictured here.


This is because if you remove the more central supports, the table top, here colored white, and the main supports you see from the outside, here pictured black, do not meet. This means the table top would be hanging there, and even with proper joints it would be fairly weak and probably unstable as time goes on.

No Support.png

Now, I could have just made the outer beam much larger to avoid this, but times are tough, and bigger pieces of wood are more expensive, the the easiest way to fix this was just to get a second piece of wood and call it a day.

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