WoodReviewer’s 2017 Advent Calendar Day 22

Hello curious onlookers if disappointment, WoodReviewer here for day 22 of my 2017 Advent Calendar. With only 3 days left, today is either the start of an amazing end for the calendar this year, or a set up for disappointment. Any guesses as to which it will be? I’m guessing disappointment.


So what is today’s gift? It’s a bookshelf. Again. But this time is is a mesh part, not made out of bricks.


The style is very similar to the bookcase from day 4, just a bit wider and with some added decorative touches on the trim of the top and bottom of the bookshelf.


This also uses the same wood texture I’ve been using for all my mesh gifts this year, and requires the entire texture to be edited and reuploaded to change the color of the bookshelves.


Now, one issue with this particular model is that some of the wood grain appears off, such as a but on the top part. Don’t worry, the wood grain is correct, it is just at a 30 degree angle relative to normal parts. This is because the sides of the top can have wither horizontal or vertical wood grain, so to give it a bit of flair I angled it to make it look a bit more like the ends of normal pieces of wood. I’ll have a blog post soon to discuss this, since until now I avoided it due to the fact regular parts can’t do that.

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