WoodReviewer’s 2018 Advent Calendar Day 1

Hello Roblox users with way too much free time on their hands, WoodReviewer here for the first day of disappointment from my 2018 Advent Calendar. For new followers who aren’t exactly sure what the point of this advent calendar is or why I bother with it, don’t worry as I am equally as confused as to why I do this when I could easily just make a Tweet in 5 seconds telling Asimo how much he sucks and get 10 times the RTs as the entire month’s worth of posts on this advent calendar gets. But enough about how this is a massive time waste for everyone involved, onto today’s gift. What can possibly be inside the high quality crates that I made to hold this years gifts?


Why it’s a crate.


“But WoodReviewer, that is just the same crate that holds the gifts.”

First off, shut up.

Second off, welcome to the disappointment that is this advent calendar. Atleast this is better than the stick I gave out for day one last year.

Third, this is not the same exact crate, as this crate is fully welded together and has the cross beams on all 4 sides, which the gift crates lack, even though they originally had them and I removed them to make the numbers look better.


But unto the crate. It is a crate. Nothing special about it really other than the fact it is structurally sound, welded together with the new constraint welds that were released as I was making my advent calendar last year, and the inside is hallow if you want to put stuff inside of it, like gifts for an advent calendar.


Also, the crate makes use of a special wooden planks texture I made for my 2016 Advent Calendar, because it looks better than it being all wood and because the regular Roblox wooden plank texture sucks.


Like seriously, someone, please make the wood texture and wooden plank texture look similar enough so you can use them in one model and they don’t look out of place. I managed it 2 years ago and I’m mostly incompetent at everything.

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