WoodReviewer’s 2018 Advent Calendar Day 16

Hello readers, WoodReviewer here for a late night edition of my 2018 Advent Calendar as once again the cloud has failed me in not uploading files when I tell it to. Bad cloud. I pay like $20 a month for you to work; why don’t you work. Issues with the weather inside, day 16 of my advent calendar is actually a special way. It is a gift I’ve wanted to give since 2016, but for various reasons I couldn’t get the gift to look right. And you know it looks bad if the gift can’t past my quality control standards for this calendar. At this point I think the bar is buried like 12 feet under ground. So what item could have taken me a whole 3 years to put together?


Why a cutting board, of course.


Yeah, not sure why this gave me so much trouble. Probably because I was always trying to go too fancy with the board itself, or because I forgot that textures were a thing for some reason.

Anyway, this is just a basic wooden cutting board with curved edges. Nothing special. I own several like these because they always work for me. Plus it is easier to put them in sink and clean them later than to wipe them off while cooking. Yay for laziness.


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