WoodReviewer’s 2018 Advent Calendar Day 21

Hello advent calendar blog posts readers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for day 21 of my 2018 Advent Calendar. Today marks a very special day for me with my this years advent calendar: It is the first day that I officially have the rest of the days gifts done, meaning for each of the next 4 days I just need to spend 5 minutes writing some obscure word salad, take a few screenshots, and upload the new model to Roblox. Easy. No more spending 2 hours building a shed of 45 minutes making sure the unions for a toilet paper holder are correct. So what is in today’s crate?

Why a crate of course.

But not a smaller version of the gift crates, this is a unique fruit crate which is used to hold fruit. Hence the word fruit being in its name.

The main identifying feature of this crate is the wedge-shaped supports in the corner which help increase how much fruit it can hold since fruit is generally round and can’t fir perfectly in a square corner anyway.

So that’s day 21. And since I actually know what is in the next 4 days since I planned ahead, I can guarantee the disappointment gets better from here.

And by better I mean more disappointment, in case you though that the disappointment getting better meant there was less of it. No, there will be more disappointment.

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