WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 3

Festive celebrations holiday lovers, WoodReviewer here with day 3 of my 2019 Advent Calendar, which people are still not taking yet are still reading these blog posts on what is in said calendars. Which leads me to the question of why. Why are you reading these blog posts but not taking the model yourselves? The first year it was the opposite, with more people taking the model, but this year each blog post is getting more than 150 views while the model only has 50 or so sales.

Of course none of that really matter since this entire calendar really has no point, so lets move onto what is in day 3 now.


Really, what could be expected besides a massive outside suspended lamp thingy.


Do you want to know why it is a massive outdoor lamp thingy? Why, just because I wanted to mess with constraints a bit.


And mess with constraints did I. I think it 20 minutes to make it and another 3 hours to get it to stop spazzing out and flinging across the map all the time. Now it only does it some of the time. Of course it still has some details in it.


Longtime readers will see the trim around the base of the post that I probably use too much since I told HolidayPwner how to make it and feel the need to show off how I make it way to much. But other than that, it is just a simple lamp thing.

Elegant? No. But with proper wood grain? Yes.


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