WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 6

Hello random people of the internet, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 6 of my 2019 Advent Calendar. Now I am not exactly sure where I am going with this years calendar, or what else to do that I haven’t already done in previous years, so if you don’t want a repeat of previous gifts then I am sorry.


I am especially sorry because today’s gift is a repeat of a previous gift, and it is a wooden shelf.


But unlike previous shelves which were mainly book shelves of furniture shelves, this is more of an outdoor/workshop shelf, in that it is more sturdy and is open on all sides.


And while it does have a slight rectangular shape, it is still square enough that either the front or sides are just fine to place stuff on.


Oh, and I haven’t mentioned it yet but like all previous gifts this one has proper wood grain. Since that is kind of the point of these calendars, to show off proper wood grain.

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