WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 16

Hello curious item viewers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for day 16 of my 2019 Advent Calendar. Although since today is the 16th day of December, and each day opens a new gift, I’d hope that would would figure out that the day after the 15th gift opened that 16th gift would open. And if you haven’t figured that out, you sure are in for a in for a shock when you find out what comes out after the 16th gift.

But enough rambling for now, what greatness will be on display for today’s gift?


Well, nothing.

Because today’s gift is a display case to hold whatever greatness you want to be displayed.


Not even going to lie, this is the best segue I’ve come up this calendar, and I don’t feel like any other gift will top it, so if you want to skip the rest of the calendar I won’t blame you. But this display case is perfect for whatever you want to keep in it, like soda it wooden coasters.


One thing you can do, for example, is keep my old advent calendars inside of it.


I’m not sure exactly why you would do this, especially since all of them besides my first years calendar are garbage and because Studio really does not like it when you try and fit 2,000+ plats inside of the space a normal brick can occupy, but hey, the Studio team always needs more crash reports.

Speaking of crash reports, please don’t insert this years calendar into Studio while it is unanchored and try to test the game. I am still crashing Studio that way,

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