Something-Speed Simulator 2

Hello there interested simulator players of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today starts a series of reviews that no one should care about but I a going to do anyway. So what game am I looking at today? Why I am looking at Speed Simulator 2 by Avectus. So, why should no one care about this game? Well, for one it has been 15 months since the game has been updated, and the creator’s account was deleted about a year ago when I went to originally make this review totally useless since this game physically cannot be fixed.

Or played since the game is private.

But I spent like 10 hours grinding through this game so I am going to make this review because those are 10 hours I won’t ever get back, and this is a good starting point for my series of reviews from games that were popular before, and I played, but I just never got around to making a review for. So with that aside, it is time for my look at Speed Simulator 2.


So, how is the wood grain? Very not good. Just look at this sign, for example. You can’t see it clearly because for some reason I either had bad studio settings or the fact that the game had bad lighting settings, but the vertical supports on the sign are incorrect. They should have vertical wood grain, not horizontal wood grain.


This is better seen in this almost identical signs, also with the improper wood grain on the vertical supports.


Continuing the theme of sign posts with improper wood grain is this sign to one of the side levels in the map. I think. Again, it has been more than a year since I played this game. Anyway the problem here is the same as the other signs; the vertical posts for the sign don’t have vertical wood grain again.


Next up on the map are these wooden steps in front of a house. Here the grain should go across the width of the door, not from the front and back of the stairs.

And believe it or not, but that was all of the bad wood grain in this game. I believe. I think there might have been one or two spots that I saw, but I obviously can’t go back and play the game again since it is currently unlisted. Of course, there has to be some reason why I am taking a look at a year old game that no one else on Roblox probably remembers now, and that reason is solely because of these ramps I found near the end of the game.


But unlike the rest of the wood grain, these wood grain is actually good.

“But WoodReviewer, the smaller piece of wood has improper wood grain.”

Yes, it does. The individual piece of wood grain have bad wood grain. But if you look at the overall size of the wooden board, it is correct.


The board just has a bend in it. And this is one thing that auto-fixing wood grain plugins can never fix correctly. And that is why this simulator that is private and whose creator is banned has better wood grain than the average EBR showcase.

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