Hardboiled City Part 4-2018 Egg Hunt Part 11

Hello there fairly large size army of your children who are unable to play Adopt Me due to the fact it is killing all the internet, WoodReviewer here again, taking a look at the 2018 Egg Hunt by Fifteam. Again. Again in the area of the map known as Hardboiled City. Yes, this is part 4 of a review on a level of the game. And the total review is up to Part 11. How many pictures is this? I don’t know. I have like 4 folders each with atleast 2 subfolders to hold everything I found, but the filesize of everything is almost a quarter gig. So yeah, the game has terrible wood grain; this should have been clear by part 4. But since most of you are clearly to dumb to understand what wood grain is or how it works, let me go into further detail on everything that is wrong; probably even repeating myself over what I said 2 years ago when this review started since I can’t be bothered to go back and make sure I’m not repeating myself.

So, when we last left off we were heading inside this hotel in Hardboiled City all that was left was to look at the inside of the hotel/fancy apartment. Again, pretty sure there was a reason to, but I forget what it was.

Onto the review, the first image in alphabetical order in my folder for this part of the review was this picture of some kitchen cabinets, so I assume this was the first thing I saw since I don’t feel like going back to the place. Anyway, the cabniets. For starters, the wood grain on the bottom of the shelves is incorrect. The wood grain should go from one side of the shelf to the other, not front to the back. Next, the top and bottom supports for the glass on the doors is incorrect. Like the bottom of the shelves, the grain should go across the width of the doors, not from the top to bottom. And lastly the side of the doors is incorrect, and the wood grain here should be vertical.


Next up further inside the apartment is this book shelf. It is basically entirely wrong, aside for the front face of the shelves. The sides of the shelves should have vertical wood grain, and the top faces of the shelves should face the same direction of the grain on the front face, and go between the two side supports.


Near the book shelf was this desk. The top of the desk was just fine, it was the sides that are incorrect, just like the book shelf. The wood grain should be vertical.


Same for this little closet. The sides are incorrect.


With basic household furniture out of the way, the next obvious thing to start looking at is doors, starting with this one. Surprisingly, the door is just fine. The vertical sections of the door frame, however, are incorrect. They should be vertical, not horizontal. This is an easy fix, but it was still ignored.


Right next to his door was another door. But unlike the previous door, the door frame here is correct, probably because it is made out of slate. The door, however, is incorrect, with horizontal wood grain on the door instead of the proper vertical wood grain.


Of course, this door has other issues, like the fact you can walk halfway through it and look into the void even through the door is supposed to be blocked off, but whatever.


I mean, its not like they made clothes hangers and then forgot to anchor them.


No, seriously, the wedges that make up the clothes hangers and unanchored. I actually went back and checked and this is still a thing. This is the kind of poor build quality that everyone else sees and makes them thing “lol, these people suck.” Only that is how I see people who use bad wood grain; they also suck.


And with that, this level is done. I think. Maybe. I may have more images hidden from these levels in the wrong folder some where, but I don’t feel like sorting through literally hundreds of images to check. Of course, this isn’t it for the game. Goodness, no. This is probably the halfway point, which means if the world doesn’t end I have the next 10 or so egg hunts covered. Atleast. Who can tell, since this game is being somewhat regularly updated, so my image file folder may grow lager still.

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