WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 21

Hello there fellow night owls of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with another night time release of my 2020 Advent Calendar. I know some of you are curious as to why I shifted from mid-morning releases of my gifts to late-afternoon releases, and so am I. Honestly, no idea why I made the change, and I will fix it for the last few days, but the fact I even started doing this is confusing. Anyway enough questions about when the gift is released, but how about what the gifts is. So, what is it?

It is a clothes drying rack.

Much like the microwave stand, this is one of those things that is in my house that I’ve never seen elsewhere but Google Images confirms it is indeed a real thing, so I made it.

Of course, this begs the question of does my character really need this since technically it doesn’t wear pants, or shirts, just a t-shirt. Maybe. Anyway enough with the nudity, come back tomorrow for day 22 of my calendar, as somehow this month is just flying past.

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