WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 2

Hello there fellow tea drinkers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 2 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. I’m not sure exactly what so many found so interesting with yesterday’s post that got it to get so much attention, but I am sorry to say if you are expecting something great today you will probably be disappointed in todays gift as everyone knows the first day in an advent calendar is always a good hook to get people engaged. So, with disappointment in mind, what exactly is today’s gift?

Well, you can’t really see it that good right now, but it is a tea tray. Or a food tray. Or anything you want really. Regardless, here is a better image of it.

One thing I have to admit is that this wasn’t originally the gift that was intended for today. I mean, the tea tray was the gift, but originally it was a square tray, but then I realized it was a bit too close to the food tray I released last year, pictured below.

As seen by the 20 different chairs I’ve released as gifts for my advent calendars, I am in no way above reusing gift ideas, but this just seemed a bit too similar, so I remade this years gift with the curved corners.

One plus with this years tray is that despite the fact it is entirely made of CSG parts, it only contains 4 different CSG models in it, as pictured below.

I mean sure, it probably would be been quicker to each of the corner pieces a unique union to since not a single person will ever use this in a game so performance is absolutely not an issue, but hopefully this makes zeuxcg happy on the inside atleast. Unless he is made this entire thing isn’t a mesh instead since that might be better for performance. Maybe.

I think the real answer is that if you are desperate enough for a model of a tea tray that you reuse mine then you really don’t care about performance anyway and I really just wasted 25 minutes of my life trying to align those corners properly. Well, that is all for today, please come back tomorrow and see what the next gift is, and if that gift also causes me to have an existential crisis over wasting my time while trying to gain performance over a 9 part model.

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