WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 6

Hello there phone users of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 6 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. As the end of the first week of this years advent calendar approaches, we nearly come to the end of the pre-prepared gifts for this years calendar. That’s right, I only had 6 gifts, including 3 that were basically the same shelf, truly prepared for this calendar, and all the other gifts are basically just a quick modeling exercise from when I wake up in the morning. So, with the disappointment for the following gifts being set, what is the gift for today?

Why a phone holder, of course.

Ok, granted that is really not a good picture to see anything about the holder, so here is the obligatory better shot of it.

“But WoodReviewer, that small piece has improper wood grain.” Well, yes, but also no. From the standpoint of the wood grain should run parallel to the longest side of the board, this has proper wood grain. However, one thing to remember with wood grain is that wood is a real thing that exists in the world, and wood in Roblox is simply trying to recreate it in-game. To determine if something has proper wood grain, you then must ask how would it go in real life, and that would depend on two factors: size of the wood and strength of the wood. The size of the wood would come from is it possible to get a piece of wood this big, and since the smaller piece of wood is from the same board as the larger pieces. The next question is would this piece of wood be strong enough to serve its purpose, and since it is only to support the weight of itself and a 8 ounce phone, this answer is probably also yes, allowing the typical wood grain convection to be ignored.

Of course I’m sure some of you will still doubt this explanation, and this is fine if you want to do that, just don’t think I won’t call off all your reasoning and tell you why it is wrong. But this is enough of a lesson on wood grain for the day, be sure to come back tomorrow for the regularly schedule gifts.

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