WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 11

Hello salt lickers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 11 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. These next couple of days will be an interesting time for my calendar as I am actually a bit a head with my calendar. Not by much, just mostly this weekend, but considering I am usually finishing up the gifts for the calendar at 7:45 for the blog post to go up at 8:00, the fact I have the gifts done through Monday is a welcome change of pace. Of course, the fact I am so far ahead with gifts means that the gifts were probably pretty easy to make so that I could make multiples ahead of time. So, what is today’s low-effort gift?

Why it is a spice rack. I mean, you can use it for cans and boxes or anything else that can fit, but most people have a rack like this with spices that expired 5 years ago and are now completely flavorless that they use and then wonder why their food is bland when they use half what the recipe calls for because they want their 5 year expired spices to last longer.

Anyway, here is a better view of it. The main thing that separates a spice rack from a normal shelf is the bar on the front to keep spices from falling off the shelf. One thing to note is that the space between the shelves is 1 stud because that seems like a nice number. Honestly, I have no idea what scale you would use to represent spices, so 1 stud just felt like a nice and neat number for this. But before I have an existential crisis over what scale spices should be in a children’s game, lets end this blog post.

I mean, Bloxy Cola is one stud tall, so that would fit on the shelves, but at the same time some of my spices are taller than a soda can. But Bloxy Cola is also thicker than real soda, so should that mean the spices should be the same height as Bloxy cola but thinner, or thicker and taller? But only my bulk spices are taller than soda cans, my normal spices are shorter, which means the scale should but correct. But then there are also my pantry sauces which are definitely taller than a soda can but much thinner so one top shelf should be enough to hold them, unless I keep some of my bulk sauces up there, but you really should store them under counter to keep them out of the light so that does matter. But is vinegar a sauce that I would keep on the spice rack, and what about my oils and….

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