WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 19

Hello there leaf lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with the start of the final week of my 2021 Advent Calendar, day 19. Some of you may have been confused by yesterday’s post, but trust me, today’s gift in no way makes up for how sad it was. However, when you see today’s gift, it will atleast make sense. So, what is the missing piece from yesterday’s gift that will cause it to make sense?

Why it is a table, of course.

And it isn’t just any table, but a very large table that can barely even fit in today’s box.

Now I am sure that now that some of you are looking at this table things are starting to make some sense: Yesterday’s gift was a table extension for this table. And if you look at them from above, this becomes even clearer.

But this now begs the question, how does it connect to the table? I mean, I could have it float on the end, but that seems like cheating. So how about instead of defying physics, I have it go in the middle of the table with a set of over-complicated supports and constraints. So that is what I did.

Yup, the table opens from the middle to allow you to insert the table leaves, and the table extends enough to allow 2 leaves in the center, extending the table by a total of 6 studs. Now of course I could have just made the table so that to extend it you would have to move 2 models the correct way. However, I decided to go the more advanced way and rigged the entire thing with welds and prismatic constraints so if you use the physical dragger the table will never separate from the other side, no matter how far you move it.

See, like this.

Granted I it has a habit of going off slightly by like .01 studs for some reason and sometimes it doesn’t like to close because of constraint issues, but honestly you really shouldn’t be using a fully rigged table that in unanchored in your game, and if you do, you really should optimize your game better.

Well, that is all for today. Hopefully this slightly extended posts makes up for yesterday’s post, because this table turned out larger than I was expecting, to the point that it barely even fit in today’s extended size box as-is. Of course I could have made it bigger and put it in the box for the 25th, but I have bigger and better plans for then. As to what exactly those plans are, come back in one week and find out.

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