French Stuff-Guillotine Tycoon

Hello there French history role-players, WoodReviewer here for a quick look at Guillotine Tycoon by Mad Rabbit. I know it is a bit odd for me to do a fairly new game that is still relevant, but what can I say, I saw the game and felt like doing a review. So, does the game have good wood grain? Well, no. But yet.

You see, the guillotine is the only wooden object in the game, and atleast by conventional wisdom it does have bad wood grain. However, the wood grain is universally awful on every face, meaning that since there is no good example of wood grain in the map it is entirely possible that this game takes place on a foreign planet where our knowledge of wood doesn’t apply since trees grow differently, hence making it valid.

So that is the review. It isn’t good, but it isn’t bad at the same time, so good job Mad Rabbit, you managed to use wood grain better than most EBR members. Good thing there isn’t any massive oversight in the game that makes it look ugly like texture clipping or something.

2 thoughts on “French Stuff-Guillotine Tycoon

  1. grundrow

    They added new wood to it after it got remade for TOS reasons, though they did make it a cartoony version and is only on a wood stump and not the bin or trees which are now smooth plastic



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