WoodReviewer’s 2022 Advent Calendar Day 3

Hello there interested thing havers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 3 of my 2022 Advent Calendar. As we are now officially past the initial start of this years’ calendar, you may notice a theme start to develop in certain gifts within the calendar, or a certain reason that some gifts come on one day and others come on another, and this is because I actually planned the calendar out in advance this year. I know I say that most years, but this year it is actually true. Plus I actually have a better life schedule this year meaning less of these posts will be written in 10 minutes while on a short break from work. Will the improve the quality of writing in these posts? Probably not. But the gifts will improve, such as today’s gift.

An end table.

Sure, this is a gift I have made in previous years, but like I said yesterday at this point repeats are inevitable. Plus trust me, there is actually a reason why I broke out making a table so early this year. Now back to the table, it has some detailed woodworking for the top of the table, along with a beveled edge around the tabletop.

In addition, the table legs have two struts, one right below the table top, and one closer to the ground to better stabilize the legs. In real life the top struts wouldn’t really be necessary as you would use some type of tongue and groove work to make the tabletop steady, but I added it just to provide a bit more depth to the table and because I don’t need to add this to a game and thus don’t have to worry about performance.

Anyway, that is all for today’s gift. Hopefully today’s gift will make a bit more sense in the next few days, but until then have a good day and see you tomorrow.

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