WoodReviewer’s 2022 Advent Calendar Day 10

Hello there picture lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 10 of my 2022 Advent Calendar. Welcome back to another unexpectedly good day with this year’s advent calendar, with not one gifts, but two gifts. Well, they aren’t big gifts, but it is atleast two gifts. So, what are today’s gifts?

They are a picture frame and a bookend.

Now some of you might be wondering why today’s gift has 2 gifts instead of just a single gift, and the reason is really simple, it was just supposed to be the bookend at first, but I decided that was too simple so I went too over the top on an overly detailed picture frame.

The picture frame is a pretty simple picture frame with a basic bevel on both sides of the frame. In addition, the frames ends are angled cut, and the bottom of the frame is flattened so it can sit on the ground nice and flat.

The bookend is fairly simple, with just a flat piece of wood with two rectangular pieces of wood to keep it upright.

And that is it for today. Come back tomorrow for the next gift, and I promise it will only be one gift since I’m fairly certain I will regret giving two gifts in one day two weeks from now when I am running out of gift ideas.

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