WoodReviewer’s 2022 Advent Calendar Day 13

Hello there trash havers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 13 of my 2022 Advent Calendar. We are now officially halfway through this years calendar and there haven’t been any truly trash gifts yet, so I decided to change that trend today with a really trashy gift.

In the form of a trash can holder.

Not a trash can itself, just the holder that you put trashcans inside. This is just a simple cover that helps keep some rain out of the trash can, ensures that people don’t put anything too large into it, keeps the can in place during high winds, and just look nicer than a regular trash can.

Also to those wondering how you are supposed to get a trash can inside, the holder has a working hinged door for you to remove/insert the trash can.

That is all for today’s gift, hopefully it is somewhat useful to so, otherwise hopefully tomorrows gift is. Or if not tomorrows maybe atleast one gift in the last 7 years of calendars are somewhat useful.

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