WoodReviewer’s 2022 Advent Calendar Day 21

Hello there random collectors of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 21 of my 2022 Advent Calendar. As we enter the final 4 days of this years calendar I’m sure a few of you are wondering what the theme is for this years calendar is. And to be honest, besides for the items all having proper wood grain, the next best theme is probably abusing how much I am using the CSG system in gifts since it seems to just work this year, where as in previous years it always seemed to be broken. So with that theme in mind, what overly unioned model is your gift today?

A shelf.

Granted a secondary theme for this year’s calendar could also be shelves since this is the third shelf I’ve included in this years calendar. I’m not really sure why so many shelves, probably because I keep using the quarter circle trick to round off the top and bottom of the shelves supports and really like their looks.

Anyway, that is today’s gift. I promise this will be the last wall-mounted shelf in this year’s calendar, unless something goes drastically wrong in the next four days with something getting corrupted so I have to remake some gift in a hurry.

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