Late- Fushimi Castle

Hello there developers waiting on my look at the new City Roblox template, WoodReviewer here, and my look at the new City template place is coming soon, I just had an unfortunate accident in Blender where I mistook the loop cut took for the select tool, and long story short save you work often and don’t always overwrite your old work unless you want to end up with an n-gon that has roughly 179 vertices along a single side. Once I get that sorted my review on the new template will be up, but until then please be content with my last-minute review of Fushimi Castle by Hiuh29. So, is the wood grain here any good?


Honestly, it is really late right now because I started even looking for a place to review last minute and I want to get some sleep tonight, so lets just stop wasting time and categorize the bad wood grain here quickly.

The following images mainly feature vertical supports that have horizontal wood grain on them instead of vertical wood grain.

The following images mainly have horizontal beams that have vertical wood grain instead of horizontal wood grain.

Well, that is it for now. If you want a more detailed explanation, please go read one of my other few hundred blog posts for what exactly is wrong.

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