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WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 4

Hello there storage lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 4 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. I’m not quite sure what the reason is, but for some reason people have been more interested with my advent calendar this year than last year. Maybe that is because people are just curious what has been going on in my absence the last 6 months. Or maybe it is just because of how much Roblox has grown in the last year that I am not used to the new response from the large user pool. Or maybe it is because Shedletsky RT’ed my calendar announcement post and you are all really confused what is going on but still want to see it because Shedletsky is interested. Or maybe it is because you are all impressed with my building ability and are spreading word to your friends on how awesome I am.

Ok, it is probably because of Shedletsky, but still, this years calendar has been surprisingly high-quality for me so far, so today is the perfect day to buck that trend with today’s gift.

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WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 3

Delightful day to all of you who are still paying attention to this calendar, WoodReviewer here with day 3 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. One more gift for all of you who have some weird interest in poorly made models that have proper wood grain, and one more day in which I actually put effort into a gift. I honestly have no idea at what point the effort will end in this years calendar, but hopefully atleast not until the halfway point. The one downside I have realized for this years calendar, however, is that the last week has the largest boxes, so when I usually have the least amount the effort to give for gifts is when I have set the expectations the highest. Fortunately for you, I haven’t run out of effort yet, so any guesses on what is in today’s gift that still has some effort put into it?

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WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 2

Hello there fellow tea drinkers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 2 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. I’m not sure exactly what so many found so interesting with yesterday’s post that got it to get so much attention, but I am sorry to say if you are expecting something great today you will probably be disappointed in todays gift as everyone knows the first day in an advent calendar is always a good hook to get people engaged. So, with disappointment in mind, what exactly is today’s gift?

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WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 1

Hello there curious gift receivers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with the 2021 installment of my yearly advent calendar. As some of you may have noticed I have been very inactive over the last 6 or so months and that wasn’t entirely due to my own choice, but it did very nearly end up costing this years advent calendar. But don’t you freight, my schedule is now back to normal and my reign of terror will resume shortly. In like 25 days because I don’t like posting 2 blogs a day while my advent calendar is going on, so consider the next 25 days a gift to all of you who use improper wood grain in your games to fix it.

But what about the 3 of you who will read this blog but don’t use bad wood grain in their games? What will your gift be today?

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WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar

Do you enjoy gifts in the holiday season?  How about useless, virtual tat that you will most likely never actually use but still want because it makes you feel special on the inside? Or do you just want random examples of wood grain from yours truly?  If you said yes to any above, I have some good news. Today I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the official WoodReviewer 2021 Advent Calendar.

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