Boom Boom-Super Bomb Survival

Hello fellow admirers of wood, WoodReviewer here. Today I will be taking a look at Super Bomb Survival by Polyhex.  Now, I know my Twitter account took off in the last few days, going from ~15 followers to  90+ as of now, so I feel like I should clarify something: I am not a judge of good games. I am not a judge of gameplay. I may poke fun at some games, but my mission is to not seek out bad games and tell people how bad they are. My only purpose is to tell people when wood grain is bad to shame them into fixing it and/or preemptively get them to fix it so they don’t have to hear from me.

Now that the house keeping over, lets go back to making fun of people’s weird wood. Luckily, I didn’t need to go far in Super Bomb Survival. I went about 20 studs left of spawn and looked at the score board. Look at the legs on the scoreboard. They completely lack and strength, meaning the whole thing can easily be pushed over.


Moving on through the lobby, I noticed some wooden benches. At first, it seemed fine; the main seat of the bench was right, and from the side the supports seemed O.K. But then I looked under the supports.Under Bench.png

It may be hard to see, and unless you try to look under the bench it is impossible to see, but I see it. The wood grain on the support goes from side to side relative to the bench, not from the wall out like it should.

Now, you might be saying “It is literally a 2 stud drop WoodReviewer, no one cares.” You have a fair point. Still wrong, but fair. If only there was an example of some large support holding up a high platform that is maybe 20 or so studs off the ground with improper wood grain.


Or maybe some bad wood grain on a bridge holding up players in a Charles E. Cheese type play area.

Chuck E Chesee.png

Or maybe on a shelf that is holding several hundred thousand Robux worth of harts so they don’t get damaged.


I mean, obviously one would care much more about a massive fall or their valuable limiteds getting damaged due to a structural failure that is caused by bad wood grain than a small bench falling 2 studs, right?

Now, enough messing around in the lobby. It is time to look at the actual maps. Just a small note, I don’t know the map names because they don’t show up during the round. Also,  I probably missed a few maps due to the random voting options and based on other people’s votes. And due to the fact the maps get blown up, I probably missed some examples in some maps. Luckily though, the classic bad wood grain on chair legs came through.


Chairs almost feels like cheating now

As did the legs on a desk.

Map Desk.png

Also, there is this vertical section on a boot shelf that would cause it to easily snap if any pressure is applied from the front or back.


And now, another common theme that I know I will see in many games, bad wood grain on vertical ladder supports.


Wood grain should go up and down, not left to right, on the main supports.

Lets not forget poles. In this case, a pole for an umbrella that will easily snap in a small breeze.


I thought he was going to fix wood. He actually tried to blow me up.

Now, I may be coming across as a little negative, so look at this boat. It has great wood grain. The long lines on the wood grain follow the long way that the wood is facing. It is  almost perfect.

Boat Good.png

Almost until you notice that the sail will easily snap in the wind.

Boat Bad.png

Now, here is an odd case. Normally I would bash this boat because the wood grain, per brick, is wrong. However, if you take into account that the boat needs to be broken up so it can explode easier, and the fact the wood grain follows how it should go is the bricks with the bad wood grain were one brick, I am kind of OK with it. I’d prefer for the bricks to be horizontal rather than vertical on the board and the wood grain fixed, but this is a minor issue. I mean, it is not like it is a full-size replica of the Titanic or anything that a build team has spent several years massaging to make it as good as humanly possible or anything. If it were I’d be much harsher.

Boat Side.png

If this was one piece, it would be OK, but it is broken up so it can explode better so I have mixed feelings.

…But while on the topic of this boat, wood grain on trusses is a bad idea always.

Sail Support

Just what

Here is small example of something most people over look: Stairs. If you look at most wooden steps, the wood grain goes from left to right on steps, not front to back, so the stairs don’t snap when you walk on them.


And that is most of Super Bomb Survival. There are a few more small issues, but most are repeats of ones I’ve shown with chairs, stairs, and tables. Overall, the wood grain is bad. Very bad. I was so in shock by it that I died several times just staring at how bad it was. I know the game is getting a major update soon, so hopefully most of the wood grain issues will be fixed then. If not in the main game, atleast in the lobby. Not that it will stop me from criticizing the wood grain in non-lobby places, but it will make it more of a challenge.

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